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Improving human experiences utilizing AI & Machine Learning.

Communications Intelligence And Analytics, Reputation Management
San Jose, CA

YiB’s artificial intelligence products provide insights and quality improvements that allow companies across many industries to be more efficient, effective and competitive.

We believe that AI can significantly improve people’s lives and society.

Artificial Intelligence, despite it’s name is not the same as human intelligence. While we identify very closely with “being intelligent” as a major differentiator to other living things, in many ways the computer is far more “intelligent”.

Then what’s “human intelligence”?

We believe the answer is in the “Human” part. Some characterize it as creativity, others as passion or love. Something we often try to teach or optimize away.

With modernity, there has been a concerted effort in society for humans to be more structured & machine-like. Machines that are clearly superior to us at certain tasks, such as calculating, remembering things with precision or even calculus. Rather than seeing this a threat to our “jobs”, we see this as liberation from having to be a sub-par machine and the ability to focus on things where we as Humans truly excel & enjoy much more, being human.