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Wrkout- The ultimate tracker, timer & journal App for your bodybuilding & crossfit workouts.

I Phone, Apple Watch, I Os
Berlin, Germany
Public Beta

Wrkout is the most intuitive tracker, timer, log and journal for your bodybuilding, weightlifting, fitness, workout, crossfit and strength routines. It lets you track the reps, weights and time of each set you perform in a simple and flexible way. With its beautiful statistics it allows you to analyze and track your crossfit and bodybuilding progress. The included player makes your crossfit and bodybuilding workouts even more fun.

FEATURES: - The most intuitive, flexible and streamlined user interface available in any fitness or bodybuilding app ever - Activate just the features you need. Wrkout adapts to your needs and displays only the features needed. - Add your own trainings and exercises - Sync your trainings and exercises with the wrkout cloud and never lose your workout history data again - Quickly adjust your reps and weights with the push of a button - See your fitness training progress and your historical training data in our beautiful REPMAX graph and statistics - Support for lbs and kg - Change easily between a flexible weight and your bodyweight - Train left and right body parts separately - A flexible timer can be defined for every workout set and also shows you the overall set time (rest and train time) as well as the overall exercise time (the train and rest time of all set together) - SNOOZE Button. Yes we have a snooze button. Because Start and Pause is not enough! - Integrated Music Player

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