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Multilingual platform to write, blog and read in any language

Blogging, Writing, Reading, community
Delhi, India

WatStory is like Youtube but for multilingual writing, blogging and reading. It is a platform/community for original stories and ideas across genres (fiction, non fiction..) and language. It has a native content editor to write in English and Indian language Scripts (Hindi and Bengali) (It will be extended to other languages from India and Globally). Even the largest writing and blogging platforms have limited to no support for writing in non English scripts and there is a specific lack of writing platforms for Indian languages.

WatStory helps writers learn their craft, test their ideas, increase their audience and build a brand. For readers WatStory provides access to content in their chosen language. We aim to bring to life local language content globally.


WatStory is open to public. People need to create an account and login to write, like content, comment on content and follow writers.

Reading and sharing content can be done without logging in.