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Sleidinge, Belgium
Private Beta

WalkHub tutorials run on top of websites, when something changes they adapt. Video and screenshot tutorials record a visual representation of your website that will be outdated as soon as something small changes. WalkHub instead records interactions. This makes Walkthroughs responsive to the changes that happen on a site. You can play the resulting Walkthrough live on a site, or skim through it's screenshots.

Main features: Fast and easy: A "record-then-annotate" process reduces cognitive load also for Walkthrough creators. Testable: You can automatically run a screening for a Walkthrough to verify if a feature is still functional. Reusable: Parameters make Walkthroughs reusable across sites and use cases. Up-to-date screenshots: Whenever you run a screening you automatically update screenshots. This can also be triggered through our API. Collaborative: Walkthroughs are URL addressable social objects that you can share and collaborate on. Universal: You can play Walkthroughs anywhere on the Internet, even if our browser or site plugin is not installed (as long as the site is HTML and complex JS doesn't cause a conflict) Minimalist: Prerequisites let you build up a sequence of granular scenarios. Embeddable: An up-to-date widget can be embedded into your documentation, website or blog.


The tool is currently in Beta, to get an invite for the platform join our mailing list here http://walkhub.net/.

Contacts: Kristof van Tomme, Owner and CEO at Pronovix, e-mail: kristof@pronovix.com, Kata Nagygyorgy, Community Manager at Pronovix, e-mail: kata@pronovix.com