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VUID, Inc.

The Internet Games. Hunger Games meets social media. $10k prize. 100 Contestants. Starts Dec. 1.

Games, Social, Contest
Philadelphia, Pa

VUID, Inc. Announces New $10k ‘The Internet Games’ Contest On The Spotlight Social Contest App VUID Inc., the creator of the Spotlight app, today announced the launch of the new ‘The Internet Games’ challenge in which 100 contestants will compete for $10,000 in prizes awarded to the top five finishers. Entries must be based on the themes of society, culture, the environment and survival. Contestants have six days to enter (by November 30) and the official contest runs December 1 – 31. Spotlight has raised eyebrows since September, when the Philadelphia-based mobile, social app began rewarding people with cash prizes for posting creative content. Spotlight is available on the web, iPhone & Android. Here’s how The Internet Games works on the Spotlight app.: Applications for entry into The Internet Games contest are due by November 30, 2014. Everyone is eligible to apply but only 100 people will be selected to compete. There are currently 25 slots remaining. Beginning December 1, The Internet Games is a month-long social media challenge where 100 contestants post entries based on the themes of society, culture, the environment and survival. Each week, half of the contestants will be eliminated based on how well they are performing until only 10 remain on December 31. The person with the most likes at midnight on December 31, 2014 wins $6,000; 2nd place wins $2,000; 3rd ($1,000) and 4th ($500) place prizes are judges picks; plus $500 to the person who refers the winner. To sign up for Spotlight and learn about all of their contests, go to