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Hosting service for 360 degree interactive videos

Mobile App, Marketers, Designers
Cardiff By The Sea, USA
Public Beta

We are a platform for viewing 360 and VR videos. We offer free development services to embed links, images, and videos into visual objects within each each experience. See:

We are solving the technical issues of offering to consumers organic discovery and personal exploration in 360 degree space.

"360˚ video capture and virtual reality is revolutionizing the way we tell stories but the technology to tell a great 360˚ story is not there yet. The tools needed to tell ‘choose-your-own-path’ 360˚ stories on a mass scale doesn't exist in today's market.”

“360˚ production companies still need to build custom apps in order to tell compelling stories. Other apps allow for individual videos to be pieced together using crossfading and jump cuts. Our clients want their customers to be able to choose an experience on their own terms."