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Scan, clean and protect your website in seconds. Just sync it to Virusdie!

Startup, Websites, Anti Malware, SaaS
CA, United States
Public Beta

Virusdie is the anti-malware network for websites. It cleans up your website from malware automatically, protect it from online threats and XSS/SQL injections. Mitigate DoS attacks and suspicious activities on your website. Clean up your website in seconds. Just add your websites to the list and sync them to the anti-malware network. Website Antivirus will automatically start to scan your websites and clean them from malware.


Virusdie connects to user's servers via HTTP/HTTPS by a unique Sync File, uploaded to a user's website root folder. This Sync File provides us to Scan websites for Malware and Clean up them automatically. Also a Sync File provides us to upload special software on user's websites (for example, Virusdie Website Firewall) to protect them from online threats and attacks.

We use our own anti-malware database to provide awesome fullness and incredible malware detection accuracy. This database allows us detect and remove malware (not just delete files, but remove some malicious code fragments in files) from websites automatically with high accuracy. We aim to ensure that websites continued to work stable after an automatic cleanup.

To sync your website with Virusdie anti-malware network just Sign Up and add your website to list. Then get your unique Sync File (unique PHP-file) and upload it on your website's root folder. That's it! Your website now start scan and clean up automatically.

If you Tune On Website Firewall switcher when adding your website, Virusdie automatically detects your CMS, upload WAF (Web Application Firewall) on your website and start protect it automatically.