The Ultimate Trainer for Learning Guitar Chords

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Berlin, Germany

Uberchord is the first interactive guitar trainer that can hear exactly what chord you are playing. Learn how to play chords with your real guitar having Uberchord listen to you through the built-in microphone of your iPhone. Our patent-pending audio recognition gives you instant and accurate feedback - just like a personal guitar teacher.

Uberchord recognizes even the most evil Jazz chords, stuff not even your guitar instructor would know.

THE PERFECT COMPANION FOR GUITARISTS OF ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS: • Chord Recognizer: Identify any chord you play and get its name, tones and tensions • Chord Trainer: Practice with real-time feedback and accurate skill evaluation • Finger Correction: Get visual feedback on your fingering in case of mistakes • Training Statistics: Monitor your practice time and growing experience • Chord Book: Use our beginner exercises to get started or create your own stuff • Clipboard: Save and re-use voicings using drag and drop • Lesson Builder: Create songs and exercises with chords as easy as drag and drop • Chord Search: Find any chord by entering its name, tones or tensions • Chord Library: Discover new voicings of any given chord, including its inversions • Guitar Tuner: Be sure to prepare for your next training session with our high-precision tuner


If you have an iPhone, download our app on the app store! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/uberchord-ultimate-trainer/id952669753?mt=8