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Create, discover, and promote the talent you love in a whole new way.

Entertainment, music, arts, sports
New York, NY
Public Beta

Simply put, TubeTnr is a worldwide platform that changes the way we create, discover, and promote talent. It is a level playing field that identifies talent because the talent is good not just because the performer had life circumstance or uses shock jock tactics. It is an environment free of negativity and bullying. Finally, and most important, it teaches and fosters the idea of social responsibility first and then enjoy the spoils of success. Our project also allows us to identify standout talent early in the game absent of the usual competition of the industry and YouTube scouts.


We are looking for 2000 self-made videos of talented musicians. Please go to on or after March 17th and load your videos. For each accepted video we are gving a free iTunes song. Please give us your feedback, suggestions, and pass on to other like minded people.