Iphone in hand v3

thingthing keyboard

Fastest way to access your digital things while chatting and emailing on iOS

Mobile, I Os, Apps
Barcelona, Spain
Private Beta

thingthing iOS keyboard gives you instant access to all your digital things. Find what you need, share what you want and make better decisions without ever switching apps.

Make better decisions // With the built-in Calendar, you can quickly see if you’re available and choose the perfect moment to meet!

Stay focused // Effortlessly attach files from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, … Writing emails on the go finally feels natural!

Share more, easily // With quick access to all your photos and videos from your device, Facebook and Instagram, sharing and remembering special moments has never been so easy

Skip switching between apps // Instantly search or browse restaurants, cafés, bars and more without ever switching apps. With the built-in search, you can share your favorite spots and discover new places on the go.


Currently in Private Beta, please visit www.thingthing.co to join the other beta users. Happy testing :)