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Share your experiences by leaving photos of it, where you did it for others to find.

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Port Of Spain, Trinidad

TapTag lets you leave photos of the experiences you had right at the place where they occurred for future visitors to find.

Share your travels and adventures by simply snapping a photo and leaving it right where you took it. The photo remains at the place it was posted and future visitors can find it and learn what you did there. It's like digital graffiti or geocaching!

You can then find photos of what others did near you and relive their experiences. Discover great spots to watch the sun set or a hidden hiking trail. It's your personal scavenger hunt for hidden places a plain map can't show you! You get to skip the plain tourist attractions and see the world like a local instead.

Follow friends and like-minded explorers around the world and every time you open the app you'll see photos of where they've been on their latest trips. Keep up with their travels and the places they've visited and satisfy your wanderlust. It's all right at your fingertips!

TapTag lets you: - Create digital postcards with photos of your travels. - Leave behind geotagged photos of the places you visit for future travelers to find. it's like leaving a time capsule or geocache for future visitors. - Future explorers find the photos you left behind and can relive what you did and learn what's nearby - Follow your friends' travels around the world and indulge your wanderlust