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Connecting talented individuals with the work they love

Employment, Recruiting, Software Development
New York City, USA
Public Beta

Tailspin is a technology job marketplace where job seekers post the jobs they want and employers invite them to interviews.

Tailspin provides unique value to both job seekers and employers: - Job seekers get the ability to advertise themselves for the jobs they want. - Employers get a place to go to source candidates who are interested in the jobs they need to fill.

Tailspin empowers job seekers to a greater extent than is possible for its competitors by allowing them to specify the jobs they want, forcing employers to invite them to interviews on their own terms. This process brings technology recruiting closer to the reality of the marketplace.


Tailspin is completely free for job seekers, and employers only pay to share contact information with a candidate after both parties approve. Here's how it works:

  1. Job seekers post the jobs they want, along with relevant skills and work style, anonymously.
  2. Employers send interview invitations to candidates who want the jobs they need to fill and communicate the right skills and work style.
  3. Job seekers see which company is inviting them to an interview, and accept or decline the invitation.
  4. If accepted, employers confirm the invitation, sharing contact information between both parties.