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The easiest way to (Re)activate and (Re)engage users.

Saa S, Marketing, Product, Customer
Santa Monica, United States
Public Beta

SYBG (Since You’ve Been Gone) is the easiest way for you to (Re)activate and (Re)engage users. Automatically deliver on-site, in-product, and e-mail product update announcements personalized for each individual user. The result: higher customer activation, engagement, retention, and MAU!

How does it work? You simply tell SYBG the product update you want customers to know about and it takes care of the rest. SYBG automatically learns which product updates each of your users has seen. So that when new product updates are released, SYBG informs each user in a personalized way, whether on-site, in-product or via e-mail.


SYBG is free to begin using. For a limited time you can upgrade any account to our Startup Plan and receive your first 3 months FREE! If you want even more personalization for more users you can also upgrade to our Business Plan and receive $29 off for 3 months.

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