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Swapskis helps women who are skill-rich but cash-poor gain experience and pursue their passions.

Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students, Moonlighters
Halifax, Canada

Swapskis is a female-focused online community where members can save money and access the services they need to improve their businesses, homes, and lives by swapping their time and talents with other fab fems. Whether you’re on a mission to grow your clientele, sharpen your skill-set, indulge your passions or just conquer the universe, Swapskis is your secret weapon. From pro stuff like Accounting and Hairdressing to everyday services like Cooking and Dog-walking, everyone has something to offer.


Visit our website to pre-subscribe. Once we've launched, users will have free access to a network of skill-rich women looking to swap services with one another. Our auction-style environment allows women to post what service they’re looking for and what they’re willing to exchange; bidders can then up the ante in order to compete for top bid.