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Find a swap within your organization

Professional Network, Web Technology
Bangalore, India

Swapieze is a young startup with engineering minds having innovative ideas and positivity of working towards cutting edge technologies.

Team at Swapieze is currently working on technologies like IoT, Big data and other web based solutions. Of which, one is live and running. is our first product, an easy web solution which provides working professionals find their swaps to and from the location he/she would like to switch to. This was successfully launched in early 2015 in beta with just 5 companies and now its public supporting 20 companies.

In Future, the company plans to grow in terms of generating more internal knowledge, strive to make better products, enter the mobile world and increasing employment.


Our first product is live and its free to register.

We launched a free-service, an attempt to make employees swap to a location where they like within the same county.

How it works: 1> Sign up and fill your details carefully. 2> Find your equivalent swapper/swap from the location where you like to go. 3> Both the swapper-swappie should get in touch with organization management for approval.

Our algorithms provide the best swap results based on the factors of work experience, locations and skills.

We request the user to send us feedback and also list the companies they would like to see listed in swapieze.