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A mobile app that can pick out daily outfits for you.

Fashion, mobile shopping, Social, machine learning
Chicago, IL
Private Beta

For most women, the first thing that bothers them every morning when they wake up is “what to wear”, even though they have their closet full of clothes. Despite the large amount of fashion social apps out there, people, especially women, still need fashion suggestions that are relevant and practical, specifically tailored to them. StylePuzzle is teaching smartphones how to play with fashion. With our exclusive machine learning algorithms, StylePuzzle can give you instant outfit recommendation tailored to specific occasion, local weather, recent fashion trends, and your preferences. You can also train it to be smarter by rating the recommended outfits, it’s like Pandora for fashion! There is also personalized shopping guidance so you know what is really good for you to buy.


At the moment StylePuzzle is still in private beta, and we are accepting request for invitation at our website The public beta should arrive soon.