We offer by-the-second billing for PayPal payments.

E Commerce, Online Services, Financial, B2 B
USA, Nevada

StretchPay is a new payment tool implemented as an application for PayPal.

Stretchpay is a per-second billing service, protecting both the seller and buyer and making peer to peer payments transparent and clear. This is especially useful by providing services in real time via video chat.


StretchPay is a unique service allowing users to stream money transfer over time. StretchPay increases the flexibility of and control over money flow, so you can enter into buying or selling service and procurement agreements with confidence, as StretchPay will help to ensure that both parties’ obligations will be met throughout the duration of their engagements.

Benefits of StretchPay

StretchPay gives you the power to control your spending in real time, and to tailor your payments for online services or products to the receipt of actual deliverables. With StretchPay, payers set the speed of money transfer and can begin, interrupt, resume, and conclude online procurement transactions, all according to the performance of payees. Payers set the initial payment amount, decide whether to provide an up-front deposit to (and/or to hold a retainage amount from) payees. Payers can replenish the total payment amount at any time. Payees can use this powerful financial tool to market their services to new customers, to provide effective and immediate customer service for any issues that might arise, to allocate their time efficiently according to the status of payment streams, and to automate the accounts receivable process and avoid much of the time typically associated with billing and dunning delinquent customers. StretchPay, payees can actually watch their money grow.

  1. Buyer instructions - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCFa61aQUFc
  2. Seller instuctions - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy7mTtg6Sys