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Let your memories live on. Across time. Across the globe.

Android, I Phone, Web, Mobile
London, UK
Public Beta

We take Facebook and Twitter one step further! allows users to 'stiq' private or public messages, called stiqqers, to their location, anywhere in the world. These stiqqers can not only be seen by others at the same location but you can navigate to them too!

Stiqqers can also be upvoted or downvoted, which affects their position when ranked by 'hot' or 'top' instead of the default 'new' ordering. Registered users can also connect to other users as 'friends' and make use of private stiqqers.

Trace back memories via pinned stiqqers on a world map. Follow cherished people's trails, see the messages they left behind in that location. Stiq about the latest concert you attended. Leave messages at memorials. The uses are endless.

We're not a social network. We're a social globe.


Sign up at to get your invite :) You'll then be directed to download our apps!!