Stay Roasted

Hand-selected coffees delivered fresh from your personal team of craft roasters.

Consumers, Foodies, Coffee Drinkers
Atlanta, Us
Public Beta

Stay Roasted lets you enjoy complete coffee convenience when every two weeks your personal team of craft roasters hand-selects your beans and delivers them freshly roasted to your doorstep.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You pick how much coffee you want delivered every 2 weeks - this begins your coffee plan.

  2. At any point you can change up your coffee style (single origin or blend) and roast level (lighter or darker) preferences.

  3. From over 30 of America's favorite local roasters, you can build your personal Roaster Lineup - it works just like a music playlist.

When it's shipment time, the coffee roaster at the top of your Roaster Lineup will hand-select and roast an in-season coffee according to your taste preferences and ship it directly to your doorstep. That roaster then moves to the back, queueing up the next roaster.

Your coffee is NEVER repackaged, reshipped or touched by anyone except the roaster and you! We've also made it extra easy to pause your shipments for when you head out for vacation.