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Aegora   Torrance, CA

If you've ever used online freelance marketplaces like UpWork or Freelancer, you'll know that the business match-making process is rarely smooth. In fact, it can be downright frustrating and heartbreaking. Aegora changes all of that by creating the first networked profess...

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Cliently   South Carolina, Us

Our web-based app helps freelancers find new relevant gigs automatically in seconds, scouring millions of opportunities around the web posted by real companies. Cliently helps find new projects in several minutes. Being the first to connect with the customer gives an ad...

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Cindr   Manchester, UK

Cindr allows you to create a simple, single page website in minutes, for free. Rather than using templates, Cindrbeautifully displays your online content in customisable, stackable sections we call 'Blocs'. The lightweight, innovative user interface means it's easy to cre...

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Periodix   Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine

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Periodix allows to create a dashboard for tracking sites for jobs and gigs search that saves your time and increases your sales. You will get a dashboard for tracking any of: Elance, Upwork, Freelancer, Craigslist, Guru, 99designs etc. Either you spend your time during a ...

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Recurvoice   Brussel, Belgium

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Recurvoice is an invoicing app for freelancers that work on a retainer. Stop sending the same invoice over and over again with Recurvoice you can automate this process. Set your invoice profile and you will receive an weekly/monthly email with your invoice. http://recurvo...

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BarterSugar   New York City, USA

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BarterSugar is a marketplace where startups and small businesses around the world connect, both online and offline, to trade goods and services without spending money. We know “8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months” and around ...

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BookedIN   Winnipeg, Canada

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Creates an online booking page so your clients can book their own appointments with you. They won't need a username or password. - Handles all booking confirmations and reminders. - Private calendar where you can manage availability, appointments, staff, create custom boo...

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Crowdsite   Oldenzaal, The Netherlands

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Crowdsite's new Shout service is as easy as Twitter and yet more powerful than Freelancer. It matches freelancers and those seeking services, based on a 140-character long interactive message. With the Crowdsite Shout service you can describe your project in 140 character...

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Rotor for Trello    Targu Mures, Romania

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Rotor makes it easy to track time in Trello. You use Trello exactly as before while Rotor measures how much time cards spend in a list that you pre-select. Ex : As a developer I start working on a task and move my card from To Do into Doing. Rotor starts measurin...

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Layup   Oslo, Norway

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Layup is your technical partner, and preferred tool, while creating unique experiences on the web. Web design is now in the hands of the designer. Creatives can now be independant from developers, with a new design tool, new advanced features and a sophisticated HTML5 out...

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Elorus    Athens, Greece

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Elorus Time Tracking is a brand new extension to our platform, a one-stop solution for organizing your small business and finances. Time Tracking feature is available only on BETA through the shared url, and will be launched publicly in May 2018. Track time spent on p...

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Invoice Quickly   Houston, USA

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Invoice Quickly is an online invoicing platform which helps small businesses and self-employed people to invoice their customer with ease and get paid faster. Users can easily create, print and send invoices to their customers and receive online payments on their invoices...

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Trumpet Page   Sydney, Australia

Trumpet Page is a showcase platform for contractors and freelancers (and those that service that workforce) made for the Australian industry, by Australians. For contractors and freelancers it’s an online platform to create, market and share your career story. For Austr...

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