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Goodwerp   New York City, NY

Goodwerp, Inc. is a software company making online productivity tools for small service firms. Our flagship product, Goodwerp, helps users stay in sync with one-another through simple task-management, real-time notification system, email feedback, and comments on tasks...

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CultureSphere   Palo Alto, California

CultureSphere is positioned to be the world's first PUBLIC enterprise social network powered by the private creation and then public curation of the most engaging content and stories told by the people most important to any brand or company – their employees!

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Approvl   San Jose, CA

Many enterprises today struggle with timely approvals of several processes that are triggered from cloud and on-premise applications such as ERP, CRM, SCM, HRMS, etc. The lack of ability for your work force to make real time decisions creates an inefficient process and lo...

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myOrb Limited   Guildford, United Kingdom

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Myorb is a new way of sharing any combination of information from any source. Create separate private spaces for each of your groups, projects and purposes. Visually share, organise, communicate and collaborate with friends, colleagues, classmates and loved ones. Sa...

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RhodeCode   Berlin, Germany

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RhodeCode Enterprise is how teams build software in a collaborative manner. It allows companies to develop their projects using Git, Mercurial, or Subversion repositories while providing one user interface. It comes with extensive permissions management, and integrates wi...

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Moltin   Newcastle, United Kingdom

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A cloud ­based eCommerce API that gives developers the building ­blocks they need without the usual limitations. You can pick and choose the aspects of the system you want to use without having to wrestle with a framework, or even worry about on­going maintenance. Moltin ...

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Roadmunk   Toronto, Canada

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Roadmunk enables product managers and executives to create, manage and share product roadmaps with their stakeholders. Traditionally users have created roadmaps by performing endless gymnastics between excel and powerpoint. Our malleable software offers simple drag and dr...

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Acompli   San Francisco, CA USA

Acompli allows professionals to take more action with email on their mobile devices. Leveraging the full capabilities of smartphones, Acompli uniquely combines advanced email, full calendaring, file sharing, predictive search and smart contacts into one powerful app. The ...

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