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Crosskix 2.0/APX   Portland, United States

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Crosskix is more than just another EVA shoe to slip on and casually wear. It’s pioneering functionality in mold-injected footwear for multi-purpose uses that comes in striking, attractive and sporty designs. Each shoe is designed and engineered for the best impact absorpt...

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Million Dollar Collar   Marina Del Rey, CA USA

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Nothing else on the market works to give the polished appearance people desired. So, after viewing my ruined wedding photos, I set out to invent a placket stay, similar to a collar stay, for the front of a casually worn dress shirt. Million Dollar Collar is permanentl...

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Bon Recipé   San Diego, Us

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We're a subscription box service that prints recipes from popular food bloggers on high-quality cardstock that's laminated and mailed each month along with grocery coupons, promo codes and discounts to merchants and vendors related to cuisine and cooking, and giveaways fr...

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