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Cognalys, Inc.   Walnut, Ca United States

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Cognalys is a company whose devoir is Commitment to professionalism and distinction. Cognalys is one of the pioneer companies who have developed an application tool that could break all economical and technical boundaries of constrains in the area of mobile Number verific...

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Browserling   California, Us

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Browserling lets you quickly cross-browser test your websites in all the most popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox. We run the browsers in virtual machines and you get live access to them.

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Telepat features   CA, USA

Not published is an open-source backend stack, designed to deliver information and information updates in real-time to clients, while allowing for flexible deployment and simple scaling. is an API first platform that helps companies building real-time IoT, mobile...

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SlideAwesome   Birmingham, UK

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SlideAwesome creates fantastic looking free slideshows for your website. It’s not a plugin. It uses a different, high performance technology to create SEO ready image sliders that are easy to set up, load super fast and have none of the maintenance and security headaches ...

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Bowtie home

BowTie   Denver, Co

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⋈ BowTie provides zero-configuration static hosting with baked in services that help you ship and scale static sites and applications faster. Need a static site or Blog? Add payments to launch your next product. Or, ship multiple iterations without building services over ...

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Ptengine   Beijing, China

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The Ptengine app helps marketers and webmasters turn more visits into conversions. By "conversions" we mean sales, leads, email subscribers, social shares--whatever goals people have for a website. First, it shows users which pages need improvement with the Data Center...

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