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Decibel Insight   London, England

Particular aspects of the tool are advanced heatmapping, visitor replays and behavioral insights. We differentiate from other insight tools operating in the marketplace (such as Crazy Egg and Click Tale) as our insight tool has been built with enterprise businesses in mind.

Web Analytics, Website Heatmaps, Web Insight Tool


GetSmily   Louvain La Neuve, Belgium

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GetSmily’s software allows companies to measure the emotional engagement of their stakeholders (customers, partners, visitors) right from their websites thanks to a widget collecting user feedback and web analytics. The reports provide an in-depth view on how people feel ...

Market Research, Web Analytics, User Feedback, Saa S


AchiVi   Boulder, Co

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AchiVi is out to help anyone achieve anything, starting by making website optimization simple and easy. To get more customers, you need to optimize your conversion rate and traffic. We automatically pull in your google analytics data and give you back statistically valid ...

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