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Product Ninja   San Jose, California

Tell A Better Story and Captialize Your Traffic With ProductNinja you can easily annotate images with rich media, text, links, discussions and more. ProductNinja primarily helps businesses to offer a more social experience for their traffic through exploring, scorin...

Software, Image Annotation, Smart Hardware, Wearables


Jastr   New York, NY

Jastr, Inc. is a digital health, design-technology startup based in New York City. Our vision is to reimagine every human health experience through the lens of a mobile device; and make each experience accessible by the touch of your fingertips. Jastr enables the simp...

Digital Health, Wearables, Fin Tech

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Blocks Smartwatch   London, UK

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Choose. Play. Upgrade. Blocks is a fully customizable smartwatch. You can make your own unique smartwatch by snapping in the blocks you need. Hardware and software are open source. Create your own Blocks. Your blocks, your way.

Andoid, Wearables, Smartwatch


WatchfacePRO   Penang, Malaysia

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WatchfacePRO is a web-based tool and is free for anyone to create own watchface. You can easily personalize your watchface with custom images, fonts, watch hands and more! Once done, WatchfacePRO will directly create an installable APK, so users don't need to pay for ...

Android, Watchface, Android Wear, Wearables

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Hominems   Berlin, Germany

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We are an international fashion platform that sells a selection of independent, wearable electronics or smart garments and produces its own products. We also support enhanced fashion items using innovative nano technologies.

Cloud, Wearables


Neura   Sunnyvale, California

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Neura integrates your connected devices, favorite places, family and friends all in one super smart app. We then learn the ins-and-outs of your regular interactions between these things to be able to suggest Shortcuts that simplify your daily life. What’s a Shortcut? P...

Mobile, Internet Of Things, Wearables, Smart Home