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Jayhap   Odense, Denmark

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You can't find that video, you were looking for on Youtube, right? I know that problem. So I created Jayhap. Jayhap is a video search engine, that searches three of the biggest videosites at the same time: Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, and gives better results with bett...

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Inviter   Maryland, United States

Inviter helps you to send video invitations, video greetings to your friends, family, users, subscribers, followers, employees and customers. Video moves people and inviter’s video messaging helps you to connect to your audience group and makes them feel your message. ...

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Vizzy   Paris, France

Vizzy is a simple video app which allows you to comment the scenes you film. Capture what you see, comment it with a video selfie, and share the moment. People can see you while seeing what you are sharing. It helps the user to deliver a more personal content and mak...

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Ferris   Santa Monica, United States

We are a small startup based in Los Angeles, CA. Ferris helps people edit and share videos that are trapped on their phone. Most video apps are limited to only a few seconds or only of content that is "social media worthy" but most video that people capture is longer and ...

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HackBoxes   Bc, Canada

HackBoxes is an online live streaming service aimed at developers, users, and students. Instead of building the next big app in private, why not do it live in front of your audience? With the ability to solicit feedback from current and future users you can make your audi...

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PopVideo   Toronto, Canada

PopVideo is a new social bookmarking site for finding the best videos on the web--everything from sketch comedy and movie trailers to lectures and interviews. Like Reddit, anyone can submit and vote on links. (In fact, we use the same ranking algorithm created for Reddi...

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Lunch.TV   New York City, United States

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Lunch.TV is an internet television station that solves the most pressing issue our generation is facing: how you entertain yourself at your desk while you're shoving a burrito in your body. Blogs are cool and whatever but you've got to click on stuff and then sour crea...

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Qrate.TV   Brisbane, Australia

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Qrate.TV is a web application which provides for social curating of online video and permits you to easily watch online video through your TV. Users are able to initiate and collaborate on the creation of video playlists (known as “Qs”), and can then share these Qs either...

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Vidinterest   Kathmandu, Nepal

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Imagine you are watching a video on ‪‎YouTube‬, then you watch on, then you watch a video on ‪Dailymotion‬ or ‪‎Vimeo‬. It is painful and impossible to remember the source of each video or randomly bookmark them. ‪‎Vidinterest‬ allows you to seamlessly archive...

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Yuppi   Manama, Bahrain

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With Yuppi You Can Capture Some of Your Best Moments With Others and Turn them into Stunning Visual Stories Real Time. Users can get the moment captured and others can be part of the moment by adding more photos & videos.

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Frames   Gloucestershire, UK

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Frames makes creating, sharing and watching short video snippets easy and fun. No faff. No time consuming editing. Just super speedy tap and catch content as it happens in the moment… Wherever and whenever you want! Record 15-60 second videos of real footage per day and s...

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Banniere%20phunt   Paris, France

Not published aims to solve the most crucial Entertainment industry problems, such as lack of promotion & visibility for independent video contents, lack of distribution channels and consequently a lack of monetization and return on investment penalizing the creation as a whol...

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Blush Messenger   Palo Alto, CA

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Blush is a fun new way to watch friends react to your messages. Photos are blurred and words hidden — and revealed only as the front-facing camera records. Reaction videos are sent back to you, and everyone who participates can watch each other's reactions and leave comme...

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2   London, UK

Not published allows you to create your own video FAQ. Follow people, hobbies and organizations that matter to you, ask them questions and receive personalised video responses. Businesses and Organizations can keep their finger on the pulse and see what the most important que...

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Trace   Venice, CA

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Trace is a live-action content platform aggregating streamed footage from globally activated Tracer devices. The ‘Tracer’ is a visually intelligent camera that autonomously operates a selection of tracking devices and live-streams captured user footage directly to the int...

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SayWhat   New York, United States

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SayWhat is a video dictionary app that lets you explain trending words and phrases like “killing it”, “bae”, and “chill” in 10-second videos. The videos help you keep up with the latest slang, or if English isn't your native language the educational app helps you fit i...

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BudoKin   Sydney, Australia

BudoKin is a place that genuine martial artists can come to separate the cream from the milk by connecting with like minded individuals, and sharing quality videos and articles from systems and styles around the world. "Budo" means martial in Japanese, and "Kin" is short ...

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