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Hover   San Francisco, United States

Hover is your one stop shop for RC aircraft enthusiasts. Features include an industry news feed, no fly zone maps, and weather data. App also includes a flight ready indicator. FEATURES - Flight Readiness Indicator: We give you a simple to understand flight status ...

Aerospace, Drone, Uav, Rc


ArcadiaSky   Melbourne, Australia

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We provide a simple and clear marketplace for customers to hire drone services so that anyone can safely benefit from the positives of the technology The platform works on the tried and tested job brief & quote model, managed through an online portal however the Arcadi...

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Snitch   Singapore, Singapore City

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Forget about bulky selfie sticks! Forget about complicated drones! All you need is to throw Snitch upwards and choose the best view via your smartphone. Do you think even this is difficult? Then Snitch can choose the best view by itself with automatic face detection. More...

Hardware, Drone, Uav, Camera