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Winecrasher   Napa, Us

A sales concept that gives the customer all the info about a wine bottle (score, region, grape variety etc), but reveals the label of the wine only after the purchase is complete. This allows to guarantee the best price in the market for the wine while pr...

Consumers, Marketers, Wine Lovers, Travelers

Plango planner

Plango   CA, USA

Not published

Brief description: Plango helps you find an itinerary shared by other travelers, tweak it to fit you, and book it. Problem it solves: Planning a trip is stressful, spending months of your free time flipping through guides, digging through online reviews, and asking f...

Millennial Consumers, Travelers, Travel Agents, Early Adopters


Go Somewhere Cool   California, Us

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Created from a list of the World's Best AirBnb lodgings, Go Somewhere Cool delivers one of the most inspiring travel lodgings at the click of the button. So have fun and be inspired, maybe take a trip! Each click opens a random location. Just for fun

Travelers, Daydreamers, Digital Nomads

Discountflights screenshot   San Francisco, United States

Not published search hundreds of major and low cost airlines and multiple travel sites for real-time fares, and then present the results to you in a very simple new page results display. Find easily cheap flights to buy. Now!

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