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OneWin   Sweden, Stockholm

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OneWin is an app that will give you endless hours of great workout motivation and inspiration. Our app will allow you to both create and accept all types of workout challenges together with your friends or other users from around the world.

Motivation, Challenges, Workout, Training


Hypersay   London, United Kingdom

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Hypersay is an online platform that allows you to create interactive presentations that can be used for education, training, marketing or any other type of events. Hypersay has different features available for presenters, attendees at events which all focus on allowing fo...

Education, Training, Marketing, Presentation Tool


SkillXP   Haryana, India

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SkillXP is one stop solution when it comes to providing customizable training materials for trainers and managers who are involved in training of their staff. The courses can easily be downloaded and re-branded.

Training, Business Coach, Education, Business Services

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myQuest   Tel Aviv, Israel

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myQuest is a Learning Impact Platform focused on user success and engagement. The platform is based on behavioral science and a user-centered approach, and helps businesses deliver an effective learning journey and create meaningful outcomes.

Online Learning, Online Education, Training, Corporate Training