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Fancy Support   Perth, Australia

Provide in-app support to your customers with a drop in library that's easy to setup and customise. No longer do you have to integrate multiple services if you want to track your customer events and provide message based support to them. No more switching between differen...

Saa S, Support, Event, Tracking


Passenger   Amsterdam, Netherlands

Passenger lets you keep track of your trips, share them with your friends, collect travel miles and unlock achievements as you go. Using Passenger, you can log any trip - flight, driving, transit, bicycling or walking. Simply check-in when you leave, and the app will ...

Travel, Trips, Tracking, Social


PWUL   London, UK

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Want it. Track it. Get it for less. You tell us what you want. We tell you when it's reduced or hits a target you set. PWUL is your personal shopper, budgeter and sales spy all rolled into one. Here are just a few reasons it’s the smartest way to shop. Ever bought...

Consumer Internet, Retail, Tracking, Saving