Startups tagged: "Time Management"


CloudCal   London, United Kingdom

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CloudCal is an elegant Android calendar app that provides both the wide and narrow perspective on your time.The main view will give you a good overview of any month. Each day is surrounded by our magic circle that tells you in what time period of the day an activity takes...

Mobile, App, Calendar, Time Management


Vozye - Task Tracking Software   Karachi, Pakistan

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Vozye is a product based company founded in 2014 by Abdul Samad Patel with the aim to help organizations track and monitor their employee’s attendance, task and projects. The product is designed and developed with great care by skilled developers. All its components hav...

Time Management, Task Management, Task Tracking


EzyTime - Timesheet Application   Karachi, Pakistan

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EzyTime is a product based company composed of a team of skilled people. Our founder Abdul Samad Patel had a passion for building applications from a young age. After graduating, he joined a renowned software development company of Pakistan, to work as their software engi...

Time Management, Employee Tracking, Task Tracking, Timesheet Application