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Flee   Boston, Us

With Flee, I can be in any application, see my lists with a quick scroll and be back to what I was doing without interrupting my workflow. Flee gives you space for ten lists and everyone who downloads Flee uses them differently.

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IMPACT   Manchester, UK

The idea behind IMPACT sparked from the belief that anyone can help change the world. Millions of people need food, medical attention and clean water daily. And yet there are millions more than can help change that. There are so many local charities that do incredible thi...

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AudOne   Cape Town, South Africa

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The world is increasingly becoming a place where innovation is transforming into a collaborative effort, and creative communities are the future of progress. We need to harness this unique potential that we possess as college students, with fertile minds and unwavering sp...

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Bogglo   New York City, USA

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Brief description: Bogglo allows students to transform their campus into a local store where they can quickly buy and sell what they need. College students are always pressed for time. They do not have the leisure to run around town searching for what they need nor can t...

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Roost   London, UK

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Roost is great for couples to house hunt on the go. Pair up with your partner via Facebook and the properties you both like ping up as 'matches'. Simply swipe through properties based on your search criteria. Then set up viewings, focussing only on the places you ...

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Read   Paris, France

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Read is an ePub reading app that helps pro-readers retain more from their readings thanks to multiple APIs they can connect to. (Dropbox, Evernote, Drive) Remembering what we read is a pain-point for avid readers. So how to save the quintessence of a book? We built the s...

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Say Hi!   London, England

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Say Hi allows you to send what you type while you're typing! With faster replies and hilarious messages guaranteed, we're showing you both sides of the story. We're moving forward from static and synchronous messaging. You've never seen messaging like this. It's fa...

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Minutes Depot   Quebec, Canada

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Minutes Depot allows you to get rid of your bulky binders keeping your minute books online. With Minutes Depot, a minute book is quick and easy to update, is meeting the highest security standards and can be shared in a snap.

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Geniiessmartschool   Coimbatore, India

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Geniies Smartschool is an innovative educational content in DVD's and USB's offers worldclass eLearning products for the students, School & Educational Institutions. GeniiesSmartschool's largest digital content library repository is agile and can be packaged in a manne...

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2   Vienna, Austria

Not published bridges the gap between available time and availability of friends to increase social contacts in real life by simply using the mobile device in your pocket. Even with those friends you might not think of or you‘ve lost touch with.

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Spots - Travel on a Whim   Atlanta, USA

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Spots is a social application that enables college students to travel on a budget or simply make new friends in town! Using Spots, you can find other students who are offering their living space at an affordable price. You can also list your own “Spot” as an easy way to m...

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Yarn   London, United Kingdom

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Yarn is for lazy (& busy) language learners.It lets you learn foreign language while you browse in English. It lets user continue reading what they already read while enabling them to improve their vocabulary in a foreign language. It has scoured millions of webpages and ...

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Eclips   Los Angeles, Us

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Eclips provides a powerful new way for users to consume video — bookmark it, and “clip” the best parts of videos from anywhere on the web, automatically save them to your personal library, and even discuss specific moments. Then access your clips anywhere. Eclips is the f...

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Plagiarism Checker X   New York, United States

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Plagiarism is a problem that has been plaguing the literal and academic world. It is rife among students, teachers, researchers, professionals and article writers among many other categories of people. Plagiarism as defined by Wikipedia as ‘the wrongful appropriation and ...

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MentorTrack   Melbourne, Australia

We understand that it is difficult to choose the right career path. What is even more challenging sometimes is getting the appropriate advice and guidance. MentorTrack is a platform to connect students to industry professionals and mentors to help kick-start conversations...

Students, Networking, Careers, Social

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Swapskis   Halifax, Canada

Swapskis is a female-focused online community where members can save money and access the services they need to improve their businesses, homes, and lives by swapping their time and talents with other fab fems. Whether you’re on a mission to grow your clientele, sharpen y...

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