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EquityOwl - No Cash. No Salaries. Just Equity.   San Francisco, CA

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We are passionate about startups and entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, we’ve seen countless great ideas fail because they lack the funding and/or talent to get them off the ground. We’re here to change that with EquityOwl. Our platform makes it easy for entrepreneurs and b...

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Goalchieve   London, UK

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Goalchieve is an online, collaborative platform that allows users to share their knowledge, advice and experience in order to help each other achieve goals. Unlike typical q&a website, goalchieve allows you to split your big question into small, easy to follow steps. You ...

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Promotehour   Mumbai, India

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PromoteHour is a list of the best places to submit your startup. We also share an advice on how to promote your startup at each place and few important parameters to decide. Making product is easy, selling it is hard. So, keep it handy.

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IncuBus London   London, United Kingdom

Over the course of a 12 week programme, IncuBus London helps startups find product/market fit, build traction and get ready to pitch to accelerators and investors. The programme consists of weekly mentor and skills workshop sessions, office hours and KPI catchups. Eac...

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Slidebean    New York, United States

Making a professional slide presentation requires time and design skills that many users lack. Our presentation software separates content from design, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Then, it takes care of the formatting automatically. In other words, all ...

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UsersThink   Pittsburgh, USA

Get more conversions out of your landing pages. Receive feedback on demand from real users. We take care of setup, configuration, user recruiting, and all other hassles for you. Gain focused feedback you can digest in minutes with UsersThink.

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Cribb   Atlanta, Georgia

Nourishing and growing a startup requires a few essentials: funding, a committed team, and the time and space to work. Concentrating on that last factor is matchmaking service Cribb — a platform which enables a network of investors and celebrities to offer promising start...

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Feed Me Ideas   Toronto, Canada

We provide FREE original and creative business ideas and resources. We also offer premium ideas, brands, quickstart roadmaps and consulting services to kickstart your new venture! Our objective is to help individuals take that transformative first step in becoming an e...

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Teamstory   Toronto, Canada

Teamstory is a community for entrepreneurs and startups to share and discover their startup journey. On Teamstory, users can share their startup moments, culture, thoughts, quotes and questions to the like-minded people around the globe. Teamstory hopes to fill the gap be...

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Novanym   London, England

Coming up with a new business name isn't easy; especially if you want straightforward and memorable .com address for your website and email. But not all companies have the time or budget to get help from a branding agency. Novanym is the smart alternative – it's a coll...

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GrowthBites   Athens, Greece

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GrowthBites is a new service from Growthrocks, for startups and entrepreneurs. You can book a Growth Consultant and get advice and actionable strategies on Pre-launch Campaigns, User Aquisition, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, Viral Marketing etc. with a standard fee ...

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Mitchell News Network   Cockeysville, United States

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MitchellNewsNetwork is a curated news network created by Mitchell Brown, a retired Goldman Sachs trader. We bring you the "News that Matters" in Technology, Investing, Life, and Sports. We bring our years of expertise to you by finding the best value added articles in a w...

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Crisptalks%20 %20affordable animated videos for startups

CrispTalks   Jaipur, India

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CrispTalks provides awesome affordable animated videos to startups, entrepreneurs & trainers. It offers end-to-end video designing services starting from script writing, voice over recording to delivering videos.

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Startup Buffer   Ankara, Turkey

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Startup Buffer is a premium startup directory which provides exposure for startups. It is free to submit your startups but if you want to get more exposure you can just upgrade your listing and it will be featured on the homepage and social networks.

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Publicate   London, UK

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Publicate is a SaaS application that helps content marketers leverage curated content to drive new leads and real marketing results. Create curated content assets like email newsletters, roundup blog posts, resource hubs, and branded social shares in minutes - then add a ...

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SaaS Invaders   Montpellier, France

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Private sales website of SaaS web tools for Startups! Every week SaaS Invaders lets you discover a selection of 4 web tools with great discount. Premium members have access to Secret Deals and they can submit and vote for Request Deals as well!

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Screenshot large   Chicago, IL

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Even with easier access to new audiences today, we still see the same challenge: startups struggle to market themselves. is a new community for young startups. Founders and influencers submit new startups every day, and the community votes up the most promisi...

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Snip and Share   London, UK

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Snip anything from a webpage, and share to your favourite places. Our snipping tool is seriously powerful. Take text, images, GIFs, videos, extract the page, or make your own custom screenshot. Then share instantly. To Facebook, Twitter, Slack and email. Peopl...

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StartupWings   Munich, Germany

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StartupWings connects entrepreneurs and startups worldwide in a social network. It provides every resource your startup needs with over 1000 resources, like articles, tutorials, tools, infographics, interviews and many more as well.

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BarterSugar   New York City, USA

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BarterSugar is a marketplace where startups and small businesses around the world connect, both online and offline, to trade goods and services without spending money. We know “8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months” and around ...

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P2   New Castle, UK

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Your Business Data, neatly under one roof Brief description of what it does Create your neatly account and connect over 30 providers and view a range of data all under one roof. You can also create custom dashboards and manage unlimited companies from one account.

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Twit Ninja   CA, USA

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One sentence pitch of startup Grow your Twitter followers with real and engaged people Brief description of what it does Twit Ninja is your Twitter growth suite. Curate your audience, grow your followers and discover trending content to tweet out.

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HubSpace TLV   Tel Aviv, Israel

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Hubspace is a co-working space for startups and entrepreneurs. We believe in a creative, collaborating, supportive working environment that encourages inspiration & innovation. We offer fully furnished offices, shared working areas, meeting rooms and all the services an...

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Startupsort home page

StartupSort   Seattle, Wa

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StartupSort is a data-driven job search engine for software engineers. We collect data like size, funding, website traffic and breaking news for 1,000+ startups, on which machine learning techniques interpret trend coefficients to further predict a growth score that corre...

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The Art of Startup Fundraising   New York, Us

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The Art of Startup Fundraising takes a fresh look at raising money for startups. Raising capital is an art. Every single ingredient needs to be perfectly balanced in the process in order to secure capital successfully. Fundraising takes work. It takes effort, time, an...

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Houston   Toronto, Canada

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Houston helps early-stage startups grow, engage, and learn from their early adopter email list, so they can launch stronger products. Houston keeps their early audience engaged with a sequence of automated emails, and uses simple micro-surveys within each email to get ins...

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Growthority   Missoula, Montana

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There's an unspoken reality in the world of internet marketing: everyone is doing the same thing. That's a big part of why growth hacking is so successful. By breaking the norms and finding news ways to engage audiences, growth hackers are achieving amazing results. Tr...

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entre news   Bucharest, Romania

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entre news is a human curated collection of the best news for entrepreneurs each day. Articles about entrepreneurship, small businesses and startups. We offer solutions to entrepreneurs for their steady research on related news and articles for their projects. We know tha...

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Third lane ventures logo

Third Lane Ventures   Western, Sri Lanka

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Third Lane Ventures, is a Sri Lankan based Venture Capital firm, investing primarily in Early Stage Startups. We invest in the people behind the idea and not in the idea itself. Startups, Venture Capital, Accelerators

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Boomtown Accelerators   Boomtown, United States

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Boomtown provides seed funding, business resources, company-building curriculum, mentorship, and community to founders and their companies. We currently invest in 16 industries across 32 technologies, including specialized programs in health tech and hardware & connectivi...

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