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G%20sh1   London, United Kingdom

Grabby is a fast and efficient email address collecting platform. Users provide a list of websites and Grabby does the rest by searching each and every page for email addresses. The service runs entirely in the cloud, is active 24/7, and requires no software installation....

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Muzaara   Alexandria Nsw, Australia

Muzaara’s platform enables you to quickly and easily create ads for each and every one of your products through an automated process, and create rules for both your Facebook, Bing and Google ad campaigns that can be changed on the fly.

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Maeent   Barcelona, Spain

Business, lifestyle and venture solutions on the mission to get you the right and best incredible efforts in our services. Maeent Business Services offers companies innovative and competitive services wherever and whenever you need them. With Lifestyle Services we offer o...

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Prikk fbus klein

PRIKK   Vienna, Austria

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PRIKK elevates crowdfunding on a new level. No fees or commissions for the raised sums will be retained. Average fees are ranging in most crowdfunding platforms from 4% to 15%. In addition, 3% to 5% transaction-costs are added in many crowdfunding platforms. PRIKK takes 0...

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