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Socialeyes   San Francisco, CA

Socialeyes, the new IOS/Android app, attempts to revolutionize your social life. Given the hustle bustle of everyday life, this app lets you retain the simple pleasures of life, like a fun and spontaneous get together. With Socialeyes all you need to do is select whic...

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Goalchieve   London, UK

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Goalchieve is an online, collaborative platform that allows users to share their knowledge, advice and experience in order to help each other achieve goals. Unlike typical q&a website, goalchieve allows you to split your big question into small, easy to follow steps. You ...

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Birthday Mates   Cape Town, South Africa

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Birthday Mates is a social networking website that groups people who share similar birthdays, usually within 1-3 weeks of each other, allows them exchange gifts and get gifts from family & friends on their birthday, have joint/group birthday celebrations (those in the sam...

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Sparrk   Stockholm, Sweden

Sparrk is a community where entrepreneurs work together on a weekly challenge to reinvent major industries, value chains, iconic products, and key processes and functions, because working at full speed on a mediocre business idea is perhaps the worst form of waste! The...

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OtakuJam   Pennsylvania, United States

Otakujam is a new social network aimed at helping geeks connect with other geeks both online and off. It has entered open beta on 5/27/14 and is seeking testers to help suggest new features and test existing features. The site's main feature is "Otaku Match" which is a ...

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Riple   Palo Alto, CA

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Join groups to discover content curated by like minded people. Push your favorite online content to your friends and groups via our share sheet extension or within the app. Get involved in group discussions. Comment on your favorite content, like and reply to other comments.

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Sports Wonks   New York, NY

Sports Wonks is a content heavy social network that is geared towards sports fans, athletes, and organizations. Sports tickets will also be available on the site. Request an invite at

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Flumes   London, UK

We turn data into visually appealing insights. Whether it's in-house data, a web based data source like twitter or another third party source, we can use it to answer your business questions. We harvest, clean, analyse and visualise data. Whether it’s reporting, animated ...

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Wutermelon   CA, United States

Wutermelon is a social ratings search engine, which displays results in green and red percentages format along with the number of votes, type a keyword to find its rating in green and red. Wutermelon can be used to rate products, services, topics, or answering yes/no ques...

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Whese   Istanbul, Turkey

Whese is a mobile app where people let friend and family know about their day-to-day moments by simply answering the question "What are you up to?" with a photo or a video of that moment. A mobile application platform dedicated to the answer of “What are you up to now?...

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VoiceCandy   London, UK

Awkward silences don’t exist in the wonderful world of VoiceCandy. We’re here to help you make a grand entrance and find likeminded people that are nearby to you. Need a question answered? Get a new perspective from people you have something in common with and start s...

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LetsHang   CA, United States

LetsHang is a spontaneous way to meet new and interesting people who want to do the same thing. Simply search what you are in the mood to do and find people in your area who are looking to do that activity soon. Send someone a request to chat, make a new friend, and hango...

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Collectorism   London, UK

A website aiming to unite a 200 million-plus market. Collectorism is a place where users can showcase their collection and the passion behind it. It’s a place to meet fellow collectors without having the trouble of traveling to distant conferences or fairs. A platform tha...

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Pally   San Jose, CA

Remember having a penpal as a kid? Oh, the simple joy of receiving a letter from a stranger across the globe. Pally is a new social network that connects those interested in cultural sharing, language exchange or just meeting a new friend from another country! Current ...

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Spark   San Francisco, CA

Spark is a mobile app that let's you discover what's happening nearby. It's a whole new way to connect with activities you're interested in around you and the people behind them. Spark was created to help the founders get better at being social in San Francisco. We're hop...

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Wiith   California, United States

Finding friends and finding things to do with friends can be difficult. Wiith is an new app that seeks to solve this challenge and bring people together, starting with San Francisco. It was discussed on product hunt today. Wiit...

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Boon   California, United States

Boon founder Dakota Younger thinks it’s time for nice guys to finish first. Boosted by a recent $100,000 lead investment from Verifi CEO Matthew Katz, his vision could soon be a reality Boon’s platform makes it dead simple to find and refer contacts to the perfect job ...

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2gossip   Izmir, Turkey

About 2gossip, the most fun and anonymous way to follow what is going on around you! A social network specialized in gossip, confession, rumor and more! What is 2gossip? 2gossip is new way to share! You have 2 options to post. You can post from your profile or send...

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GOFINDWHAT   Lisbon, Portugal

Organize your networks information by creating a WebID Card on GoFindWhat. The business card of the future. Share your WebID Card online or print them out. GoFindWhat - The Preview of Your Website Create an WebID card for your networks for free.

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Teamstory   Toronto, Canada

Teamstory is a community for entrepreneurs and startups to share and discover their startup journey. On Teamstory, users can share their startup moments, culture, thoughts, quotes and questions to the like-minded people around the globe. Teamstory hopes to fill the gap be...

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CultureSphere   Palo Alto, California

CultureSphere is positioned to be the world's first PUBLIC enterprise social network powered by the private creation and then public curation of the most engaging content and stories told by the people most important to any brand or company – their employees!

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FansUnite   Vancouver, Canada

FansUnite is a sports social network with a sports betting slant. Current estimations, including both legal and illegal markets, suggest the sports betting industry is worth between $700 billion and $1 trillion per year. As the United States is in need of additional tax ...

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Playola   Minneapolis, United States

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Playola is a free and simple online video editor. It helps anyone instantly clip the highlights of a video into a more enjoyably shareable 30 second or less format. Video editing is hard and nobody wants to watch long videos anymore. With Playola you can: • Upload raw ...

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Phontabulous   San Jose, CA

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Phontabulous is Simple, Private & Fun photo sharing app for Apple & Android devices that enables you to Share Memories Privately – Select photos & friends to begin the private sharing party, and keep the annoying people out! Keep Your Photos Safe – Your shared photo...

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Sober   San Francisco, United States

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Sober is a fun way to connect with other sober people around you! Swipe right to "like" or swipe "left" to pass anonymously. If someone likes you back, you’re a match! If you come across someone you know, don't be shy, send them a friend request. Chat with friends and mat...

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Crux Group Messaging   Venice, CA

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Headquartered in Santa Monica, Crux was built with groups in mind in order to communicate in a more organized, easy, and efficient manner. After talking to thousands of college students and groups of all kinds, we realized groups were having a hard time communicating effe...

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Crowdwish   London, United Kingdom

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Crowdwish is a space where you can post the things you most desire in the world; whatever they may be. Products, experiences, advice, causes you believe in, services. Anything. The site just asks users to complete the statement ‘I wish….’ in a hundred characters o...

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Whatshudoin   California, United States

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Whatshudoin now? Users can share and discover what people are doing along with their mood, location, and picture! It’s a focused network with moods being a specific content that leads to deliver interesting big data results. So if you're looking for a friend who's b...

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Chadder   NY, United States

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Have you ever sent a message you regretted? With everything online lasting forever, mistakes are hard to forget. We let you take back control by letting you take back a message after you sent it. Chadder is a private messaging application on IOS, Android, Windows phone, A...

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BlurryMe   Venice, Italy

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Like to comunicate with photos? Tired of the usual boring apps? Then BlurryMe is exactly what you are looking for! BlurryMe is the best and coolest way to trigger the curiosity of those around you! You can take a picture and simply show it to whoever you want! Uplo...

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