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Postly   Oakland, CA

Postly is designed with a focus on simplicity, privacy and speed. It’s a new and more personal social network that lets you share content, life moments, photos or anything that is on your mind with your friends in a simplified social graph. Social networking should be abo...

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3D PrintNerd   Philadelphia, Pa

3D Printing Social Network. Find the latest 3D Printing News, Businesses, Hacks, Tidbits, and Info. This site is great for 3D Printing Professionals, Enthusiasts, and Evangelist. We also have a Android Mobile App.

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Shuffle   Vancouver, Canada

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Shuffle let’s you create disposable phone numbers and email aliases so you don’t need to share your private contact details with strangers. Each Shuffle number comes with voice calls, text/picture messaging and a unique voice mailbox.

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Kartii   Uae, Dubai

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Kartii is a premier digital visiting card app for businesses to scan and store unlimited contact information in the cloud. The app is equipped with rich features like Agenda platform, Synchronization, Card Designs, and Geo-locations.

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Hear   Montreal, Canada

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Hearium Inc., the company behind Hear - Anonymously Talk & Listen was founded by Sterling Toth, the co-creator of EpicMealTime. Hear: an app that allows you to connect to people anonymously and talk to them. The added twist is that a large group of other anonymous user...

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SELFish   San Francisco, California

Something’s missing in today’s social networking landscape: important moments of your life are getting lost. We’re changing that. SELFish is a social networking collaboration app that aims to tie together both your life's little moments and the people you love to share t...

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Noticed   Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We all love it when people remember the things that are important to us. It doesn’t matter if it is an exciting date, a promotion you are striving for or simply the name of your partner. And when people do notice and remember these personal memories, it makes us feel spec...

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