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Novanym   London, England

Coming up with a new business name isn't easy; especially if you want straightforward and memorable .com address for your website and email. But not all companies have the time or budget to get help from a branding agency. Novanym is the smart alternative – it's a coll...

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Blink 1

Blink   London, United Kingdom

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Blink is the employee experience app and our mission is to improve the lives of frontline workers through technology. We reduce busy work with digital forms and processes and empower workers by giving them a voice. We make it easy for HR and Internal Communications Profes...

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Zenshifts   Sydney, Australia

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Zenshifts lets you create your staff weekly roster within minutes, from your phone, tablet or computer. Share the roster with your staff through email, SMS messages and mobile apps. Its keeps staff up-to-date and in sync - any time that the roster changes, any effected st...

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