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Lynk device

lynk   Toronto, On

lynk is an innovative multi-function device to provide added security to all smartphone users against hackers and identity thieves as well as alerting users the location of their device. It uses an authentication method that secures your personal and private data through ...

Wearable Technology, Security, Smartphone, Banking


Novi Security   Provo, Utah

Our security system offers renters, homeowners, and small-business owners an all-in-one security system for a fraction of the cost. We offer a simplified security product with key security features such as motion and smoke detection, cameras, and sirens at an affordable p...

Big Data, Security, Hardware/ Product, Consumer Electronics


Galileo USA   Norwalk, California

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The Galileo Alpha is a small, modern smart drone with advanced sensors to protect your home, property, and business. Every year, an outstanding 97% of police responses to security alarms are false alarms. This wastes money for taxpayers and owners alike. We believe that ...

Aerospace, Hardware, Security


Chadder   NY, United States

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Have you ever sent a message you regretted? With everything online lasting forever, mistakes are hard to forget. We let you take back control by letting you take back a message after you sent it. Chadder is a private messaging application on IOS, Android, Windows phone, A...

Mobile, Saa S, Security, Social network

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Safe Box   Gujrat, India

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Do you worry about the visibility of your private data, or secrets on your smart phone? The privacy in Mobile is very essential.Now every user can easily hide their private data and lock unlimited applications in smart phone. Safe box is your solution. Safe Box’s ma...

Android, Security, Data Privacy


7tag   Wroclaw, Poland

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7tag is an open-source tag management system (TMS) that enables marketers to easily create, deploy, and manage their tags across all their websites and web apps. As 7tag is open source, companies can host it on their own infrastructure, allowing them to modify and customi...

Tag Management, Security, Data Protection, Open Source

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tuCloud | Safeweb Engine   Walnut, California

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tuCloud are the developers of the Safeweb Engine, a new kind of cybersecurity platform designed to physically isolate malware and cyber risks. The Safeweb Engine physically isolates malware by providing users with 'disposable' desktops and browsers for one time use. Th...

Cybersecurity, Defense, Security, Network Security

Mailfence product

Mailfence   Brussels, Belgium

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Mailfence is a secure e-mail service that values and respects your privacy. Mailfence provides an end-to-end encrypted email integrated in a suite with contacts, calendar, documents, groups, polls... Advantages of our crypto solution: - End-to-end encryption - OpenPGP bas...

Email Service, Security, Privacy, Encryption

L7 defense screenshot

L7 Defense   Beer Sheva, Israel

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L7 Defense system is a virtual platform for mitigating sophisticated DDoS attacks automatically and efficiently in Real Time. Enhancing the self-learning intelligence of the immune system with dedicated ML components enables the system to easily mitigate unknown, under th...

Prevention, Security, Saa S, Cyber Security


AUSDOM   Shenzhen, China

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Focused on R&D of the IP video products and solutions, AUSDOM only designs the products with best using experience. AUSDOM team will work very hard to let people enjoy more from work and life. Our story began with PC web camera in 2003, and we became the leader in China f...

Ip Camera, Security


ComfortWay   San Francisco, California

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ComfortWay has solved the high cost of mobile data roaming by developing a multi-carrier, Virtual SIM technology that lets international travelers get Mobile Internet in 100+ countries at local rates ($10 - $20 per GB). We’re now integrating our technology into a 2400...

Mobile, Security, Travel, Telecom


Cyph   Herndon, Va

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Cyph is a next-generation messenger app that makes privacy the new status quo. Cyph hands you a single shortlink to share with your friend, then encapsulates the entire encrypted chat right in the browser. When you close the window, it disappears without a trace. ...

Consumer Internet, Mobile, Security, Social network

Hq surveillance

Anionu   Brisbane, Australia

Anionu is a cloud-based home and business security solution that helps you protect the people, places and things you care about, from under $10 a month. Easy do it yourself setup, anywhere, anytime, and a beautiful HMTL5 interface that you'll love using, on any device.

Cloud Computing, SaaS, Security, Surveillance