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Snitcher   Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Snitcher is a sales lead generation tool. It shows you the full contact information of the companies that visit your website in real-time. Simply connect your Google Analytics and you are ready to go!

Saa S, Sales, Marketing

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IID   NY, New York

Choose what you want to share. Send it by text or email. Add files (resume, pitch, presentation, lookbook...) from dropbox or drive. No download required to receive and save in vCard. IID creates global tools around networking, to help companies or freelancers to impro...

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ProspectNinja   Los Angeles, California

ProspectNinja is the fastest way to scale lead generation. With ProspectNinja sales and marketing professionals can find potential business leads through social networks, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our software verifies these prospects email address and pulls in social media p...

Saa S, Sales, Marketing


Boomerang   Seattle, Washington

Boomerang is a new way for photographers to share their images with clients. An ultra clean interface, inspiring animations and easy use functionality get users emotionally engaged and help photographers proof simple and sell more.

Productivity, Photography, Proofing, Sales


Yesware   Boston, Ma

Yesware injects data insights and sales communication tools into your existing email workspace, removing barriers to productivity and empowering sales teams to make smarter decisions, faster. Yesware augments the old-world, process-oriented approach to selling and empo...

Sales, Email, Productivity, Saa S


Field Work Mobility   Newark, CA

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FieldWorkMobility empowers an organization's field work force by offering a smart phone driven mobile CRM as well as a dashboard on the cloud for the stakeholders/managers to effectively allocate the tasks/prospects. The solution also measures field workforce productivity...

Cloud Computing, Sales, Crm, Mobility


PriceLizer   Stockholm, Sweden

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Our web service RevaLizer enables ecommerce merchants get customers back who abandon their carts by making it possible for consumer that are discouraged by the product prices online to setup automatic price drop alerts, helping them return to their favorite shops when the...

E Commerce, Magento Plugin, Sales


ProductVoice | Digitalized customer engagement sales tool   Coimbatore, India

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Productvoice - digitalized customer engagement sales tool, promote your product in with our digital catalog and manage your sales person activities. Get close relationship with retailers and consumers to improve your sales. we help you to enlarge your business in shor...

Sales, Marketing


Invisume   Arizona, United States

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Invisume solves your passive candidate problem. Companies get quality, because people get privacy. Both save a tremendous amount of time. It’s the world’s first online shopping center for talent! Job search wastes hours on resumes, applications, and first interviews p...

Recruitment, Sales


Ranketo   Santa Clara, USA

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Ranketo is not just a helpdesk, it is customer communication and analytics platform. Make your customers happy and enhance company brand using unified customer communication and analysis platform with behavior prediction system. Focus on improving customer experienc...

Customer Support, Marketers, Sales, Business Owners


Hotter Leads   Arlington, Us

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It often takes up to 9 follow-ups to get an answer to your cold email. makes your life easier by automating that flow. Outbound sales - scale sales outreach to the levels unachievable by humans alone Inbound sales - automate lead follow-up to close more ...

Cold Emails, Lead Generation, Sales, Link Builduing


LeadGibbon   Toronto, Canada

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Want to buy leads for your contact database? LeadGibbon is all you need to find reliable lead data, in one elegant tool. Discover new leads based on title, location, industry, and firmographic data. When you’re done, export your list in a single click — or save it and ...

B2 B, Sales, Marketing, Recruiting


Founders Connect   Hong Kong, China

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We send startups 10 to 20 companies in growth mode via email every day so they can reach out to each company directly to fill their sales pipe line.

Advertising, Sales, Marketing, Email


SellHack   Cleveland, Ohio

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Have you ever wanted to send an email to a potential customer, business partner, employee or investor but couldn't find their email address? We created SellHack to solve this problem. Download our browser extension and create a free account to start finding valid emails. ...

Email, Sales, Business Development, Extension


BypassGatekeeper   Chelyabinsk, Russia

BypassGatekeeper helps you find direct person contacts. Most of cold emails sent to public company accounts just gets ignored. You can dramatically improve bounce rates by talking directly with decision makers bypassing gatekeepers. But doesn't it looks like a spam? Ab...

Email marketing, Sales

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Nusii   Madrid, Spain

While many of our competitors believe in "more is more", we don't. We've stripped out all non-essential elements and made it lightning fast to create proposals. Having all your "hit" content in one place, getting reminders to follow up with prospective clients, and an edi...

Web App, Cloud Computing, Sales, Proposals