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Resibo   Prague, Czech Republic

Create invoices and accept online card payments. One time or recurring. Bill in over 130 currencies. Braintree and Stripe integration. Resibo is an online invoice billing software crafted for freelancers and small businesses that allows you to generate invoices and let...

Saa S, Invoices, Payments

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Oauth.Us   CA, United States

We help developers seamlessly authenticate users. We support email verification, password resets, custom user profiles, and a fully customizable look-and-feel. All integrated with OAuth 2.0. For advanced applications, protect existing RESTful APIs using our extensible end...

Saa S, Identity Management, Authentication


Flumes   London, UK

We turn data into visually appealing insights. Whether it's in-house data, a web based data source like twitter or another third party source, we can use it to answer your business questions. We harvest, clean, analyse and visualise data. Whether it’s reporting, animated ...

Analytics, Saa S, Social network, Big Data


UberCatBnB   Kentucky, United States

So simple, it’s exactly what you think it is. - schedule a cat holiday wherever and whenever, right from your phone - all UberCatBnB drivers are certified to not be into weird cat stuff - rent cat accommodation anywhere (except places where they eat cats)

Travel, Mobile, Saa S, Pets


Test4startup   Russia, Saint Petersburg

Test4startup is the service that allows you to see if your idea is promising enough before you even develop a working prototype. Using artificial intelligence technologies test4startup collects such data as trends, market size, existing competition and investor activity i...

Saa S, Analytics, Marketing Research


Checkbook   101 University Ave, # 245 Palo Alto

Simply enter the receiver’s name, email and check amount and press Send! It's really that simple. Check recipients are able to deposit the check directly online or request a printed check. Join the payment revolution now. It's easy, fast, reliable, secure and hassle free!

Accounting, Saa S


RapidSpike   Leeds, United Kingdom

RapidSpike is an uptime and performance monitoring service for websites and web applications. It simplifies monitoring, alerting and reporting to support your online presence and to ensure a positive user experience. Organisations use it to identify problems, measure perf...

Digital Agencies, Developers, Corporates, Saa S

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Paytradie   Perth, Australia

Built specifically with the tradie in mind, Paytradie is a user friendly, jargon free, affordable, light accounting package that will keep tradie's on the job and not behind their desks. Tradies can quote and invoice on the go, even accept credit card payments from a d...

Small Business, Finance, Accounting, Saa S


Fancy Support   Perth, Australia

Provide in-app support to your customers with a drop in library that's easy to setup and customise. No longer do you have to integrate multiple services if you want to track your customer events and provide message based support to them. No more switching between differen...

Saa S, Support, Event, Tracking


AskNicely   Auckland, New Zealand

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AskNicely is a free Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey platform that helps growing businesses drive customer retention and referrals. When a customer buys or gets support from you, AskNicely automatically requests feedback with a beautiful one-question email survey. In r...

Marketing, Saa S, Nps, Net Promoter Score

Rsz conflux   logo

Conflux   Amsterdam, Netherlands

Customers want to speak their mind and get heard. Conflux brings feedback from all company’s channels in one place and helps them manage it better. We identified the need that feedback is more powerful when it sits within one container, therefore we've built a feedback ...

Website App, Software, Saa S

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Edifica   Ceres, United States

We are proud to say our team has years of experience in the construction industry and we designed Edifica taking in consideration the needs of a contractor. Edifica solved the constant challenge of keeping track of budgets, making sure time card entries are recorded corre...

Saa S, Construction, contractors, Sub Contractors

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Relay   San Francisco, CA

See what people are doing in your app from Slack. Connect us with your app (with Segment, Stripe, or API) and you'll be able to select relevant events and intelligently stream them to your Slack channel when they happen. Transparency keeps your entire team engaged with cu...

Saa S, Slack, Productivity

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wipply   London, UK

wipply allows you to **receive calls** and **chats** from customers visiting your site and gather contextual information about them. You will know **which product your customers are looking at** when they call you, even before answering, **how much money they've got in...

Saa S, Voice Calls, Live Chat, Customer Support

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Seamster   Lincoln, Nebraska

Seamster dynamically personalizes your website content. Write and preview variations of content tagged for one more audiences directly from the browser. When a visitor comes to your page, Seamster recognizes their time, location, and device type to deliver targeted messag...

Personalization, Word Press, Cms, Saa S

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Wothy   Madrid, Spain

Wothy is a new job board focused on social networks and simplicity of use for job seekers and recruiters. We extract thousands of quality jobs from top companies and search engines and also we let recruiters post on our site featured jobs for free.

Cloud Computing, Saa S


Agendrix   Sherbrooke (Qc), Canada

Agendrix is designed to optimize employee scheduling in a cost-effective manner. All the tools and interfaces included in Agendrix have been tailor-made to solve complex scheduling problems. As an example, employees submit approval requests for leave, shift transfers, an...

Saa S, Owners, Operators, Managers

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ProspectNinja   Los Angeles, California

ProspectNinja is the fastest way to scale lead generation. With ProspectNinja sales and marketing professionals can find potential business leads through social networks, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our software verifies these prospects email address and pulls in social media p...

Saa S, Sales, Marketing


PhraseApp   Hamburg, Germany

PhraseApp is the translation management software for multilingual websites and mobile apps. PhraseApp makes it fast to translate apps and websites into multiple languages. PhraseApp supports common programming languages and localization file formats. Customers include m...

Software Localization, Software Translation, Saa S


Marketeer   Barcelona, Spain

Marketeer is a tool that helps companies to communicate better with their customers on websites, mobile apps or using whatsapp. Marketeer is the natural evolution of the live chat softwares, where you have a platform with artificial intelligence that gives you the ri...

Customer Service, Saa S

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Salesfully   Charlotte, Nc

Get access to unlimited business and consumer sales leads Access our robust business and consumer databases as often as you like. With several search options available, finding targeted sales leads is a breeze

Sales Lists, Marketing Leads, Saa S


Taskfully   Chicago, Illinois

Taskfully is a productivity tool that leverages proven techniques and research to help you get closer to your goals each day. Too many busy individuals and small teams have been stuck using task management tools that are better suited for grocery lists and don't realistic...

Saa S, Productivity, Task Management, Todo List


JsonWhois   Essex, United Kingdom

We provide a whois api in json format, normalising a complex data form into an easy to use one. Allowing bulk lookups quickly and regularly.

Saa S, Json, Whois, Data

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EnderMetrics   Barcelona, Spain.

EnderMetrics is an online learning analytics platform that provides children's app developers with data and insight on how their users are learning through their games and how they can optimize their apps to make them more effective and better adapted to each child's skil...

Education Technology, Analytics, Information Systems, Saa S


Bear CMS   Lovech, Bulgaria

Bear CMS is a revolutionary tool. It enables you to build high-quality, mobile-friendly, cloud-powered websites that run on your own servers. All you have to do is join and download a single installation file. Put it in a hosting environment and run it. In les...

Saa S, Web development, Web design, Cloud

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ZenLocator   San Francisco, CA

ZenLocator is a beautifully simple store locator for companies that have physical stores - franchises, coffee shops, retail outlets. It's been re-imagined from the ground up not only in functionality and design, but also to improve offline conversions. The locator support...

Saa S, Ecommerce, Web development, Marketing


IP Nexus   Central, Hong Kong

IP Nexus connects startups, inventors, entrepreneurs, universities and other intellectual property (IP) owners with experts who can help them build successful businesses and protect and monetize their IP. Especially when just starting out, it can be difficult to find t...

Saa S, Legal Tech, Intellectual Property

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Legal Templates   Wilmington, De

Legal Templates is an online resource that allows users to create legal documents from hundreds of pre-written templates. All of the legal templates have been drafted by licensed attorneys. The software is the easiest to use in the on-demand legal templates builder ma...

Saa S, Legal, Documents


Yoke   Boston, USA compiles a personalized overview of activity in your cloud accounts, such as your tasks in Asana, articles in Pocket and tickets in Zendesk. Our goal is to help you maintain focus and save time, while dealing with multiple cloud apps. You can quickly set up yo...

Saa S, Productivity, Integration

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Engage Master   Amman, Jordan

EngageMaster is a cloud-based customer engagement suite that connects businesses with potential customers to create tangible results including lead generation, better customer support and personalized communication. By combining real-time analytics and intelligent targ...

Analytics, Live Chat, Marketing Automation, Saa S