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StoriesOnBoard   Pécs, Hungary

StoriesOnBoard is a tool where you can break down your ambitious goals into tangible pieces. Then you can create a roadmap for reaching your goals by identifying the tasks that move toward them the most. By creating a story map you’ll be able to see the big picture any ti...

User Story Mapping Tool, Product Management, Scope Management, Roadmapping Tool


TARA Intelligence   San Jose, California

Not published

TARA Intelligence uses artificial intelligence to quickly scope products, assign developers on-demand, and monitor ongoing performance, all from one easy to use platform. Build better software, faster. Welcome to the future of product management.

Saa S, Software Development, Product Management, Innovation

01   Perm, Russia

Not published is the easiest way to visualize the project plan and schedule the work of the whole team. Create a plan for your project. Divide the project into stages, tasks and place them on the timeline. Specify the scope of tasks and assign employees. Share the link to the ...

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