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Riple   Palo Alto, CA

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Join groups to discover content curated by like minded people. Push your favorite online content to your friends and groups via our share sheet extension or within the app. Get involved in group discussions. Comment on your favorite content, like and reply to other comments.

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10 Word News   Los Angeles, California

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10 Word News is the first stress-free news source. Our hand-picked stories are always exactly 10 words. Typical news sources are flooded with too much information. It's time to remove the clutter and reveal what's important. 10 Word News stories are curated by human journ...

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Taqnia24 back

Taqnia24   Emirate Of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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A web portal which provides the best source of tech news in Arab for Arab geeks. You can find daily coverage of the most interesting tech news. The site provides news about new smart phones, applications, e-commerce and more.

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Shrinc   Pune, India

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Shrinc is an upcoming URL shortener as a service for your domain with added features such as referral marketing, invite/offer codes, time & visit limits. In simple words, we'll take virality one step ahead for you.

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Audio Press   Austin, TX

Browsing, curating, and reading the news can become a chore when it really shouldn't be. With Audio Press, we want to not only save you time, but also deliver the news to you that really matters. After signing up for a category, we'll send you an audio file with your pers...

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