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VoiceCandy   London, UK

Awkward silences don’t exist in the wonderful world of VoiceCandy. We’re here to help you make a grand entrance and find likeminded people that are nearby to you. Need a question answered? Get a new perspective from people you have something in common with and start s...

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BahGum   York, United Kingdom

We connect you with the biggest companies across the UK, it’s job searching with simplicity. Swipe, connect, get hired - it’s easy! No stress, no fuss just you finding your dream job. Founded in 2014, we started as a young group of technology enthusiasts in York giving...

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Pitch 1min   California, USA

For founders: Share your 1-minute video pitch with incubators and potential investors. Record your 1-minute pitch video (follow our basic requirements) and submit it to us by filling out this form. Share your pitch video with incubators and potential investors. I...

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KNOVVI   Sydney, Australia

KNOVVI is a social network for meeting new people and swapping knowledge. Through a KNOVVI listing, you offer to mentor and share your knowledge and in return get the knowledge you want. And make great new friends along the way. People like you. Around the campus and arou...

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Snapt   Ga, United States

Snapt Balancer is one of the most advanced load balancing platforms in the world. It is cloud, VM, and software ready. Snapt Balancer takes all your traffic and splits it between servers, such as web servers. It monitors them and ensures they are online before sending ...

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BRDGE   Frankfurt, Germany

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BRDGE supports users in growing their business networking. Based on the matching algorithm, BRDGE suggests other professionals that might be interesting to connect with. If both parties rate each other positively, a business-match occurs. From this moment on, both users c...

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Guidepost   Cincinnati, Ohio

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Guidepost isn’t a social network. It’s a knowledge sharing network. It's the more personal, meaningful and secure way to connect with your network. I launched the app to give users a trusted way to connect with those they trust while keeping their information private a...

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Whatshudoin   California, United States

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Whatshudoin now? Users can share and discover what people are doing along with their mood, location, and picture! It’s a focused network with moods being a specific content that leads to deliver interesting big data results. So if you're looking for a friend who's b...

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PlanDo   Hong Kong, China

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When social network was still in its infancy, there were email, forums, chat rooms, and message boards. These were the primary means of finding anonymous people with related interests and creating connections. A Hong Kong startup is aiming to reinvigorate this type of int...

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Winkli   Paris, France

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Overview : Winkli is new app supported by one of the best French start-up incubators called TheFamily. The app is co-founded by 3 friends, Alexis Dupont, marketer specialized in mobile innovation, along with Vincent Tromeur and Alexis Creuzot, engineers and mobile develop...

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LaunchList   Allentown, Pa

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LaunchList is a free resource for startups looking to tell the world about their new products. You have a great idea but no traction, we help start-ups broadcast their launches! After you add your startup to our list for free (seo), we broadcast your profile via social...

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MINE   New York City, New York

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MINE is a free app from the team behind Relationship Science (RelSci; description at the end). The idea came from the realization that most professionals believe they have become master networkers with large social and professional networks. Yet as our networks have grown...

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hytch   Berlin, Germany

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We are a transparent and fine-tuned marketplace where genuine companies compete for the hottest talents in the fields of software engineering, data science, design or product management. With hytch we want to reshape the market and turn the tables. hytch is answering ...

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Pingometer   Seattle, Washington

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Pingometer is a service that monitors the uptime, downtime, and performance of websites. You can monitor anything: HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, TCP, or UDP services. Our platform performs real-time checks from locations (12+) around the world -- 24/7/365. If an ...

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MentorTrack   Melbourne, Australia

We understand that it is difficult to choose the right career path. What is even more challenging sometimes is getting the appropriate advice and guidance. MentorTrack is a platform to connect students to industry professionals and mentors to help kick-start conversations...

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Wishberg   Mumbai, India

Wishberg is the place where the world shares their wishes, and inspires others with their achievements. Post every wish you have. All things you want to do in one beautiful wishlist for Life. Build, manage and achieve your wishes on Wishberg. Start today.

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