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Ping   California, United States

Ping is a new social app that lets you send reminders to your friends, co-workers and loved ones. Ping them to send a reminder with a specified location-based alarm, time alarm and even including a photo and a personalized motivator for them. Ping is designed to make it e...

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Food Finder   London, UK

What is this? Food Finder is a place for foodies in London to find and share amazing restaurants. We're a community of people who love food and want to know the best places to eat around the city. Every day the foodie community grows and we receive even more amazing res...

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CamFind   Los Angeles, United States

CamFind is a 'Google' for real things. It's a visual search engine which allows the user to find out more information about anything and everything by just snapping a picture of that particular item. Over 25,000,000 visual searches have already been conducted with CamFind...

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BeaconsInSpace   Boston, United States

BeaconsInSpace is a marketplace for apps to hook into existing beacon networks. Owners of beacon networks can list their beacons and apps can rent them. Be it a convention center for the day, or a bar for the year, BeaconsInSpace allows apps to scale when and where they w...

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Ferris   Santa Monica, United States

We are a small startup based in Los Angeles, CA. Ferris helps people edit and share videos that are trapped on their phone. Most video apps are limited to only a few seconds or only of content that is "social media worthy" but most video that people capture is longer and ...

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Backroom   New York, United States

A content messenger for friends to share and chat privately over articles, videos, tweets, or any media. Currently, these private conversations are spread out across emails, text messengers or other platforms which also provide a private message feature (e.g. Twitter DM)....

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Go Halfsy   San Francisco, USA

Go Halfsy is a community marketplace where people can list and discover items for co-ownership. We make it easy for people to own the things they love, affordably and efficiently. From designer bags to sporting equipment to vacation homes, there's a world of stuff that...

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LinkTexting   San Francisco, California

We're an SMS form generator. It helps our users get more downloads from their desktop landing page of their mobile app. Once a user generates html, they simply copy and paste the code on to their landing page. This will allow their users to download the app directly f...

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CultureSphere   Palo Alto, California

CultureSphere is positioned to be the world's first PUBLIC enterprise social network powered by the private creation and then public curation of the most engaging content and stories told by the people most important to any brand or company – their employees!

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2   Wallonia, Belgium is a plugin for ticketing and event registration websites that makes it easy to sell reserved seating tickets: ticket buyers can select their seats on an interactive floor plan. For you, as an online ticket sellers, this present a complex technical challenge. F...

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Giacomo Alpago   United Kingdom, London

Betfect is a first social betting website (one of its first kind) combines online betting with social aspect. At Betfect On our platform users can log in via their Facebook account, engage each others on the platform and more interestingly follow other users just like on ...

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Capitan   Los Angeles, CA

"Artificial intelligence"-powered shopping list that learns your habits. If you always pick up milk and bread at Shop Rite but get coffee, cereals, and veggies at Trader Joe’s, Captain will show those lists when you walk through their doors. What if the app knew whe...

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Entrée   Austin, Texas

Entrée is restaurant point-of-sale, made smarter. Our reconstructed, intuitive user interface radically improves the way servers, managers, and staff complete their tasks. Real-time analytics, faster workflows for servers, and integrated front of house management streamli...

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Proximity   San Francisco, California

Proximity helps you chat & locate your friends off the grid - no WIFI or cell reception needed. Just turn on bluetooth and go. We believe that your surroundings shouldn't limit your ability to connect! Think about all the times you were abroad, on the ski slopes, down...

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Mailburn   San Francisco, California

Mailburn is an iPhone email client that shows your conversations with real people as chats, without "Show quoted text" and other distracting stuff. Conversation that takes 3 screens in Gmail app fits in one screen in Mailburn. Mailburn also has email tracking built-in so ...

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DormChat   Hoboken, Nj

DormChat is the fun way to meet the people that make up your local community, and to stay connected with them all through short, quick updates that anyone in your local area can post. Join a chat, post updates using your profile or an anonymous handle, discover local n...

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CallerSmart Inc   Vancouver, Canada

We've all been there. You've missed a call on your phone from an unknown number. You wonder if you should call back, it could be important. Or maybe it's yet another telemarketer ringing to sell you insurance. That's why we created CallerSmart. CallerSmart is an innovativ...

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Guide   Mountain View, CA

Guide is a peer-to-peer platform that allows people to share their knowledge, skills, and time with their community. We believe that the impact is immense when everybody does just a little for someone else. Based in Mountain View, Guide is a mobile-first platform that enc...

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Spontivity   Knoxville, Tennessee

Whether you think, play, or do - Spontivity instantly connects you with others in your area. With Spontivity, you can post, browse, and join all your favorite activities in a matter of seconds. Get Out, Get In, & Get Back to What You Love to Do: Whether you’re a nigh...

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Screenshot   London, UK makes your couple more exciting than ever ! It tells you what mood your partner is in, adds some fun with challenges & treats game, keeps track of who owes whom a... favour, and lets you get naughty with self-destroying, encrypted photos ;-) And you won't send i...

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Approvl   San Jose, CA

Many enterprises today struggle with timely approvals of several processes that are triggered from cloud and on-premise applications such as ERP, CRM, SCM, HRMS, etc. The lack of ability for your work force to make real time decisions creates an inefficient process and lo...

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Xcopy panel

Xcopy   TX, USA

Xcopy is Billing Subscription Saas Model that allow any Mobile app to run in saas model we also Support Web app and Software desktop Real-time mobile analytics software, focusing on ease of use, extensibility and feature richness. Xcopy is an innovative, real-time , It co...

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BRDGE   Frankfurt, Germany

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BRDGE supports users in growing their business networking. Based on the matching algorithm, BRDGE suggests other professionals that might be interesting to connect with. If both parties rate each other positively, a business-match occurs. From this moment on, both users c...

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DUDR   Munich, Germany

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opentabs   Munich, Germany

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Always first in line! With opentabs you will skip the line at your favorite coffee place, restaurant or take away. Pick up your order without lining up at the register. opentabs works well with sport venues, fullservice restaurants and take away places with a one stop sh...

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Helprace solve cases easily

Helprace   Tampa, Fl

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Helprace is a web application that allows your business to reach new heights in customer service. Helprace features a help desk that’s integrated with a customer-centric community and knowledge base. The help desk is packed with innovative features such as canned repli...

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Wants and Needs – Gratitude Journal   Georgia, United States

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Wants and Needs - Gratitude Give Thanks and prioritize your Wants and Needs in order to keep track of what matters the most. As you think about your wants, needs, and thanks, you’ll gain a new perspective on life. It uniquely help’s to live life happier by tracking/chart...

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Apptellect%20 %20logo

Android App Development -   Missisauga, Ontario

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We are the leading Mobile App Development company in Canada, focusing on Android, iPad and iPhone apps. Contact our website to know more about us. iPad app development covers the entire area of functionality and other required aspects to support in different platform. The...

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Guidepost   Cincinnati, Ohio

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Guidepost isn’t a social network. It’s a knowledge sharing network. It's the more personal, meaningful and secure way to connect with your network. I launched the app to give users a trusted way to connect with those they trust while keeping their information private a...

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OTTO   Melbourne, Australia

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OTTO is an always listening, voice controlled app that reduces distraction by enabling drivers to intuitively manage calling and texting, without needing to remove hands from the wheel or eyes off the road. OTTO is different than SIRI or Google as it is built specific...

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