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AllSay   Los Angeles, United States

AllSay is a personalized news service that helps people influence decisions that affect them. Surfacing decisions in the news related to communities, kids, careers and commutes, as well as passions, sports and interests, AllSay lets people choose to agree or disagree with...

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MOBILE ADDICTED   Munich, Germany

MOBILE ADDICTED is an advertising technology business, specialising in high-impact, non-intrusive mobile advertising formats. We enable an entirely new dimension to mobile advertising. Our products combines the almost infinite possibilities of online advertising with the ...

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Freya Magazine   London, United Kingdom

Freya is a new magazine that explores current issues through fashion. Filled with inspiring, unique and intelligent content, the magazine is attractive both visially and substantively. Freya’s first issue will evolve around Muslim modest dress, exploring everything from t...

Magazine, Publishing, Fashion, Media


Lumière   Oregon, United States

Lumière helps video creators gather rich feedback from their audiences to help identify what's working, what's not, and how to optimize their productions for maximum impact. Through online, interactive screenings – which can flexibly gather real-time quantitative, qua...

Advertising, Analytics, Marketing, Media

Skjlls keyvisual 72dpi

Skjlls   Hamburg, Germany

Skjlls offers the first free and anonymous salary comparison that's based on individual skills instead of simplified job titles. The service thus provides a highly detailed and anonymous salary comparison to other people with the same set of abilities, no matter what job ...

Media, Iaa S, Big Data, Human Resources

Screenshot viloud

Viloud TV   Alicante, Spain

Viloud is a new platform that allows to quickly and easily create a fully branded TV channel adding content from different external sources like youtube, vimeo or direct link. Embed the channels on websites and share the videos with its own URL generating traffic to websi...

Media, Video Marketing, Content Curator, Smart Tv


Vizzy   Paris, France

Vizzy is a simple video app which allows you to comment the scenes you film. Capture what you see, comment it with a video selfie, and share the moment. People can see you while seeing what you are sharing. It helps the user to deliver a more personal content and mak...

Media, Video, Comment, Selfie


Merch App   Toronto, On

Merch is an iOS application that manages your inventory and helps the business side of music stay on track without making you feel like you’re using a business app. When you hit the stage, Merch works as hard as you do by eliminating a lot of manual work like paper tracki...

Media, Software, music, Merch


Recast   NY, United States

Radio stations have mastered music curation to build the perfect playlists - understanding how to get the right mix of familiar and new, genre and adventurous, and exactly what their audience will want to listen to - but radio as a music experience is full of inconvenienc...

Media, Radio, music


Voiver   Canary Islands, Spain

Voiver is a voice-over marketplace. A fast and smart way to help people and businesses hire voice-over artists from all over the world. At Voiver you'll be able to find perfect voice talents for your projects and hire them straight away. Because Voiver allows you to fi...

Marketing, Media, Voice Over, Voice


PopVideo   Toronto, Canada

PopVideo is a new social bookmarking site for finding the best videos on the web--everything from sketch comedy and movie trailers to lectures and interviews. Like Reddit, anyone can submit and vote on links. (In fact, we use the same ranking algorithm created for Reddi...

Video, Social, Media


Uploadcare   NY, United States

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Handling uploads, storage, image processing is harder than one may think. We provide an infrastructure as a service to do that. 1. Sexy widget to let your users upload files not only from their devices but also from various social networks and cloud storage services: ...

Cloud Computing, Media, Saa S, Storage


elumeo   Berlin, Germany

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We make high-quality gemstone jewelry an affordable luxury for everyone: To this end, we leverage fully integrated, cost-effective production, an extensive product range and various electronic sales channels, including interactive live sales and classic fixed-price offers...

E Commerce, Media, Gemstone Jewelry, Electronic Retailing


Lunch.TV   New York City, United States

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Lunch.TV is an internet television station that solves the most pressing issue our generation is facing: how you entertain yourself at your desk while you're shoving a burrito in your body. Blogs are cool and whatever but you've got to click on stuff and then sour crea...

Media, Video, Television


Outer Places   New York City, United States

Not published is a media/entertainment destination at the dynamic intersection where science meets science fiction. Outer Places creates and curates news, interviews, reviews and user-generated content from across the worlds of science and science fiction. Whether you'r...

Media, Digital, Content


Mitchell News Network   Cockeysville, United States

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MitchellNewsNetwork is a curated news network created by Mitchell Brown, a retired Goldman Sachs trader. We bring you the "News that Matters" in Technology, Investing, Life, and Sports. We bring our years of expertise to you by finding the best value added articles in a w...

Media, Finance, Startups, technology


Qrate.TV   Brisbane, Australia

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Qrate.TV is a web application which provides for social curating of online video and permits you to easily watch online video through your TV. Users are able to initiate and collaborate on the creation of video playlists (known as “Qs”), and can then share these Qs either...

Media, Social, Video, Curation


Vidinterest   Kathmandu, Nepal

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Imagine you are watching a video on ‪‎YouTube‬, then you watch on, then you watch a video on ‪Dailymotion‬ or ‪‎Vimeo‬. It is painful and impossible to remember the source of each video or randomly bookmark them. ‪‎Vidinterest‬ allows you to seamlessly archive...

Media, Video, Social, Content


10 Word News   Los Angeles, California

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10 Word News is the first stress-free news source. Our hand-picked stories are always exactly 10 words. Typical news sources are flooded with too much information. It's time to remove the clutter and reveal what's important. 10 Word News stories are curated by human journ...

Mobile, News, Media, Apps

Screen%20shot%202016 01 04%20at%201.15.52%20am   San Jose, CA

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We want to provide a central place to discover popular and trending videos, and provide an interface to sort them by category, recency and popularity. In our alpha release we are focusing on gathering trending videos from multiple sources, ranking them, and sorting th...

Videos, Media, Trending


LaunchList   Allentown, Pa

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LaunchList is a free resource for startups looking to tell the world about their new products. You have a great idea but no traction, we help start-ups broadcast their launches! After you add your startup to our list for free (seo), we broadcast your profile via social...

Marketing, Marketplace, Media, Networking


Trace   Venice, CA

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Trace is a live-action content platform aggregating streamed footage from globally activated Tracer devices. The ‘Tracer’ is a visually intelligent camera that autonomously operates a selection of tracking devices and live-streams captured user footage directly to the int...

Media, Camera, Video, Livestreaming


SayWhat   New York, United States

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SayWhat is a video dictionary app that lets you explain trending words and phrases like “killing it”, “bae”, and “chill” in 10-second videos. The videos help you keep up with the latest slang, or if English isn't your native language the educational app helps you fit i...

Media, Education, Video, Communication


clipchamp   Brisbane, Australia

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clipchamp's free in-browser video processor lets users convert and compress videos to MP4 or WMV. They can also record short video clips with their webcam - clipchamp is one of only a few apps that offers this functionality on Chromebooks. In addition, users can create a...

Cloud Computing, Consumer Internet, Media, Software

Reportory website

Reportory   North Carolina, USA

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Reportory is a technology platform that provides consumable, customized and packaged news to readers when, where and how they want it. Similar to how Hulu and Netflix provide a 1-to-1 TV-watching experience (vs. traditional 1-to-many cable), Reportory is the first truly c...

Media, Journalism, Online Media, technology

3   Los Angeles, CA

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Every minute, all over the world, millions of people are publicly expressing their opinions about something. This is done with public opinion polls, market research surveys, letters to the editor, etc. Obviously, this is all very fragmented and time-consuming for people. ...

Media, Marketing, Politics, Entertainment

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Stampsy   New York, USA

Stampsy is a new publishing platform with a goal is to translate old concepts of: art books, fashion magazines, cultural zines and photo journals to a new digital channel that is easy, convenient, accessible and more importantly — social.

Social Media, Publishing, Media


VIPtrace   Saint Petersburg, USA

Trace/Follow your favorite artists: - be always the first to know about an upcoming release from your favorite artists; - clear visual format to scrawl through previous works; -simple get to it, for must have items. VIPtrace – trace every step of your favorite a...

Media, Internet

2   Atlanta, Georgia

Motion Array helps you make amazing videos. Creating a high quality video can be expensive. When you add up the costs for design, animation, and even music, budgets can quickly get out control. Motion Array is a membership website that is focused on delivering the h...

Advertising, E Commerce, Marketing, Media