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Pitch Forest   Izmir, Turkey

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In the ever-growing world of startups and products,it is really hard to get any attention (feedback, early users, testers etc.) for new startups. To adress this, we built Pitch Forest, a place to browse, share and get feedback on pitches. You can use it to improve your...

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Pagelocity   Craiova, Romania

Pagelocity is a web page optimization and performance tool for web developers, designers and web site owners. It provides an in-depth analysis about a web page covering the following: social metrics, on-page SEO, web page resources, HTML/CSS insights and competitive a...

Saa S, Performance Optimization, Marketing

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Growthority   Missoula, Mt

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There's an unspoken reality in the world of internet marketing: everyone is doing the same thing. That's a big part of why growth hacking is so successful. By breaking the norms and finding news ways to engage audiences, growth hackers are achieving amazing results. Tr...

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SEMPAD   Toronto, Canada

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Brilliantly efficient & cost effective, SEMPAD is a powerful ad management tool that keeps track of your ads in a simplified and focused way. You get the essentials like reporting, bidding optimization algorithms, and KPI indicators, but in skipping much of the gimmicks a...

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Promotehour   Mumbai, India

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PromoteHour is a list of the best places to submit your startup. We also share an advice on how to promote your startup at each place and few important parameters to decide. Making product is easy, selling it is hard. So, keep it handy.

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2   Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dropbox has done an amazing job building a product that everyone knows and everyone uses and everyone loves. We all use Dropbox to store and share documents, designs and all different kinds of files, so why not websites? adds a layer on top of Dropbox technolog...

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Snitcher   Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Snitcher is a sales lead generation tool. It shows you the full contact information of the companies that visit your website in real-time. Simply connect your Google Analytics and you are ready to go!

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Dynamic Explainers   San Juan, Puerto Rico

We are a boutique animation company specializing in the production of explainer videos for amazing startups. Explainer videos help startups explain what they do in a creative and engaging way. Video increases conversions and allows startups to share their story with th...

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Nouncy   Amsterdam, Netherlands

With Nouncy you can let people speak for you on social media and build a network of online brand ambassadors. Nouncy lets you ask people in and around your organization to schedule tweets and Facebook posts for you. In your Nouncy campaign you set the link and hashtags...

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Startup Button   Atlanta, USA

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The Startup Button is a platform to discover new product & services & a marketing platform for startup companies. Startups are the future, and The Startup Button is one of the fastest growing websites built around this premise. Created for entrepreneurs and adopters, ...

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MOBILE ADDICTED   Munich, Germany

MOBILE ADDICTED is an advertising technology business, specialising in high-impact, non-intrusive mobile advertising formats. We enable an entirely new dimension to mobile advertising. Our products combines the almost infinite possibilities of online advertising with the ...

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AskNicely   Auckland, New Zealand

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AskNicely is a free Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey platform that helps growing businesses drive customer retention and referrals. When a customer buys or gets support from you, AskNicely automatically requests feedback with a beautiful one-question email survey. In r...

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Muzaara   Alexandria Nsw, Australia

Muzaara’s platform enables you to quickly and easily create ads for each and every one of your products through an automated process, and create rules for both your Facebook, Bing and Google ad campaigns that can be changed on the fly.

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ProspectNinja   Los Angeles, California

ProspectNinja is the fastest way to scale lead generation. With ProspectNinja sales and marketing professionals can find potential business leads through social networks, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our software verifies these prospects email address and pulls in social media p...

Saa S, Sales, Marketing


Reachr   San Francisco, United States

Reachr is the easiest way to find, contact and build relationships with your industry's opinion leaders. As an easy to use "Influencer CRM platform", it gives anyone the possibility to contact thousands of influencers with a single message for any marketing purpose: Out...

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Lumière   Oregon, United States

Lumière helps video creators gather rich feedback from their audiences to help identify what's working, what's not, and how to optimize their productions for maximum impact. Through online, interactive screenings – which can flexibly gather real-time quantitative, qua...

Advertising, Analytics, Marketing, Media

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UsersThink   Pittsburgh, USA

Get more conversions out of your landing pages. Receive feedback on demand from real users. We take care of setup, configuration, user recruiting, and all other hassles for you. Gain focused feedback you can digest in minutes with UsersThink.

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ZenLocator   San Francisco, CA

ZenLocator is a beautifully simple store locator for companies that have physical stores - franchises, coffee shops, retail outlets. It's been re-imagined from the ground up not only in functionality and design, but also to improve offline conversions. The locator support...

Saa S, Ecommerce, Web development, Marketing


Art of Emails   Toronto, Canada

Prewritten business emails for selling, pitching + much more. No more agonizing over what to say and having poorly worded messages stall a deal. Simply tweak a proven template, send and start getting great responses.

Communication, Marketing


Vytmn   Santa Monica, United States

Growth As a Service. Vytmn provides full service marketing for SMBs powered by marketing intelligence and automation. We handle the marketing infrastructure so businesses & brands can focus on their business.

Marketing, Social, Growth, Service

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OllyBee   Riga, Latvia

OllyBee provides a funny approach to collect leads and decrease bounce rate. Just hide graphical objects on your website and suggest visitors to seek them. If you are content marketer, blogger or ecommerce owner our application will engage visitors to spend more time on ...

Lead Generation, Marketing, E Commerce, user engagement


Youzign   Brussels, Belgium

Meet Youzign: the new design software from YMB Properties that makes it incredibly easy for any business to create engaging graphics. Marketing materials are an essential part of business -- especially in the 21st century. Today, even small mom-and-pop shops can live a...

Marketing, Design, Branding


Pindle   Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pindle is an easy to use web app that allows you to display a social feed on your website or during an event. Pindle helps brands to: -Amplify reach - Engage with their customers - Turn browsers into buyers Pindle was born out of their founders’ frustration. Du...

Marketing, Social Media, Brands

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EchoRank   San Francisco, California

EchoRank provides a viral score known as the EchoScore to each piece of content shared across social media. The EchoScore takes into account several factors to measure true virality, including signals such as k-factor, velocity, and magnitude. EchoRank allows marketers...

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Spotistic   Berlin, Germany

Spotistic is a comprehensive and easy-to-use online marketing platform for shops, bars and restaurants. Manage your online reputation in no time: All-in-one monitoring tool for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Google+, Yelp, Tripadvisor. All your locations and...

Marketing, Social Media, Couponing, Restaurants


Voiver   Canary Islands, Spain

Voiver is a voice-over marketplace. A fast and smart way to help people and businesses hire voice-over artists from all over the world. At Voiver you'll be able to find perfect voice talents for your projects and hire them straight away. Because Voiver allows you to fi...

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Iustus   Edmonton, Canada

We make it easy to promote your business. Everything is included and managed by Iustus. One bill, one fixed price, and one point of contact. Sync your business across all lines of marketing with our all-in-one platform. It’s marketing made simple.

B2 B, Marketing, Branding


Posterini   San Francisco, USA

Quickly design and promote professional digital posters & marketing flyers. There is nothing to Install and it offers unlimited Re-Editing capabilities. Save time/effort, get more followers/customers for your products, services, news, events and yourself.

Design, Marketing

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Propagad   Miami, USA

Propagad connects Startups and Small businesses with Publishers through Ad spaces. Small businesses and startups can easily find publishers in all possible media outlets, to advertise confident that it will fit their needs, budget and target audience. Publishers, Inst...

Advertising, Marketing


TweetFavy   Amsterdam, Netherlands

TweetFavy is an artificially intelligent web application that uses the targets you set to identify and engage in relevant conversations on Twitter. It will automatically create targeted social impressions, without ever tweeting, following, unfollowing, or sending direct m...

Saa S, Marketing, Automation, Social