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Gymer   Bangalore, India

Gymer is a mobile app and web-based service that provides a cashless system for booking instant or in-advance workout sessions on an hourly basis. Users can decide when and where to work out, with a 'pay-as-you-go' option.

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Qualitimes   Bucharest, Romania

Qualitimes is a personal relationship manager app that helps you stay in contact with the most important connections in your life, including family, friends and business associates. More than just a reminder or calendar app, Qualitimes lets you set up personalized notific...

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AppyPaper   Los Angeles, United States

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AppyPaper is simply a gift wrap with a curated list of app icons printed on it and made available to anyone free of charge. A fun, unique and fresh spin on the old boring holiday gift wrap that is sure to impress and grab attention. AppyPaper puts the 'app' in Happy Chris...

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Mezi   San Francisco, CA

Mezi is your personal shopping assistant. It's the simplest way to buy anything just by sending a text message. Mezi saves you time by choosing the best reviewed products for you from leading merchants. No more maintaining multiple accounts, filling credit card detail...

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Pingster   London, UK

Pingster will deliver a push notification to a user when that user is in a certain location. Users can create push notifications for other users to receive. These push notifications can be sorted by channels, e.g. #Vouchers, #LondonTouristTrail #M&S #Fashion #Tra...

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Spontivity   Knoxville, Tennessee

Whether you think, play, or do - Spontivity instantly connects you with others in your area. With Spontivity, you can post, browse, and join all your favorite activities in a matter of seconds. Get Out, Get In, & Get Back to What You Love to Do: Whether you’re a nigh...

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EventsHigh   Bangalore, India

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EventsHigh is an events marketplace that brings ALL events from various sources at one place and helps users to find relevant events based on their location, interest, availability and social network. With our mobile app, users can discover events on the go by seeing what...

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Crosskix 2.0/APX   Portland, United States

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Crosskix is more than just another EVA shoe to slip on and casually wear. It’s pioneering functionality in mold-injected footwear for multi-purpose uses that comes in striking, attractive and sporty designs. Each shoe is designed and engineered for the best impact absorpt...

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The Sling is the ideal bag for everyday adventure, it’s perfectly sized to carry all your daily tech-essentials and be worn comfortably all day. Made of high-quality nylons both inside and out, it is also water resistant to keep your valuables safe. Don’t be fooled by it’...

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PhoneDrone   Sandpoint, Idaho

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PhoneDrone Ethos is a device that gives your smartphone wings, allowing you to deploy your smart phone as an autonomous aerial camera. Insert your smart phone in PhoneDrone to give it the ability to fly and autonomously follow you while taking video and pictures. It can...

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Frogo- Activities Experiences   Bangalore, India

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Frogo is a mobile app which helps you discover and book handpicked activities and experiences when you are at home or traveling. The idea is that you hop on like a frog and explore different activities and experiences. Frogo has curated the largest and most diverse select...

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Budding Star   Chandigarh, India

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Budding Star is Northern India’s first parenting website for making the parenting journey smooth. Our focus areas are child and woman’s health and their smart living. It’s a blogging platform where mothers share their parenting experiences and can get answers to all their...

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City Wedding Guides   Sacramento, CA

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When two app developers get married, they look for an app to help. But most of the wedding guides we looked at considered Sacramento as part of the Bay Area, so kept suggesting vendors and venues in San Francisco. So we made our own. Brides-to-be outside of the major m...

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