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Sunny Landing Pages   Bangalore, India

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Sunny Landing Pages, a DIY mobile responsive landing page builder. Our SaaS product helps every marketer to build elegant one pagers. It is responsive, easy to make, spam free form, web analytics, optimized page speed and soon to be integrated with adwords, click tracking...

Saa S, Landing Page Builder, Lead Pages, Lead Generation


Connecto   Noida, India

Connecto helps businesses reduce their lead cost and improve conversion on their website. Our tool helps websites interact with their traffic/prospective customers/leads in an intelligent manner and allows them to send custom messages or forms (lead/survey etc) on real ti...

Saa S, Lead Generation, Website Conversion, user engagement

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OllyBee   Riga, Latvia

OllyBee provides a funny approach to collect leads and decrease bounce rate. Just hide graphical objects on your website and suggest visitors to seek them. If you are content marketer, blogger or ecommerce owner our application will engage visitors to spend more time on ...

Lead Generation, Marketing, E Commerce, user engagement


Tele-mail   Miami, Florida

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Tele-mail turns marketing E-mails into warm sales calls, AUTOMATICALLY by embedding triggers based off the open or specific link click(s), which initiates a call instantly or delayed by ‘x’ minutes/hours/days to your company's sales line with live reps… Tele-mail then “wh...

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Cute Leads   Warsaw, Poland

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Tracking down websites you can sell to is painful at the best of times. Trying to find companies using Google Analytics, on Linux servers, written in French or German - forget using Bing or Google searches! This is where Cute Leads comes in. With a simple series of dro...

Saa S, Lead Generation, Leads, Sales Leads

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MyLead   Poznań, Poland

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MyLead is a comprehensive platform created to earn money online. We have ready-made tools and functionalities that allow every person with Internet access to generate profit. MyLead is a global affiliate network distinguishes by innovative! We have paid over $ 4 millio...

Advertising Platforms, Advertising Networks, Lead Generation, E Commerce Platforms

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Your Marketing Guy   Chelmsford, UK

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Your Marketing Guy is a Digital Marketing Solution provider based in Chelmsford, Essex. We are a group of highly organized and talented professionals offering creative digital solutions in digital advertising and development domain. Our ability to fulfill the customers r...

Digital Marketing, Social Media, Seo, Lead Generation


Hotter Leads   Arlington, Us

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It often takes up to 9 follow-ups to get an answer to your cold email. makes your life easier by automating that flow. Outbound sales - scale sales outreach to the levels unachievable by humans alone Inbound sales - automate lead follow-up to close more ...

Cold Emails, Lead Generation, Sales, Link Builduing

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QuoraPro   Kyiv, Ukraine

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What our app do New topics suggestion. We find the topics where you can post your expert opinion and attract the attention of your potential audience. Get the cream from the hot audience! Position tracking. We automatically track the position of all your responses in...

Saa S, Marketing, Quora Pro, Lead Generation


LeadFuze   Phoenix, Az

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We work with B2B companies and provide email outreach services to your targeted customers. We will find contact information for companies you want to have as customers. Our conversion focused team than crafts an email outreach message and a series of follow-ups. The...

Lead Generation, Email marketing, B2b Leads

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Zocko   Jakarta, Indonesia

Zocko is a tool for social influencers to monetize their audience at blogs and social media. Connecting brands with influencers, half-way between social media and e-commerce, providing the technology to create native content around e-commerce products for rewarding your i...

Influence Monetization, Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation, E Commerce