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Snip and Share   London, UK

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Snip anything from a webpage, and share to your favourite places. Our snipping tool is seriously powerful. Take text, images, GIFs, videos, extract the page, or make your own custom screenshot. Then share instantly. To Facebook, Twitter, Slack and email. Peopl...

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Bullet News   London, UK

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Simple to use, easy to read and fast: Bullet News means you'll find out what’s shaking your world as it happens. No speculation, just trusted sources. Key features of Bullet News: - Really fast loading time – 1st article loads in under 1sec, second loads in 200ms (the...

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Gospik   Henderson, Nevada

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Gospik is a browser extension built for Chrome, Firefox and Safari that is replacing the sponsored ads from righthand side of Google with a communication tool, where users can post news, informations, opinions, photos, videos, related to what they are searching on Google,...

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