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Rentual   London, UK

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Our technology streamlines the process of aggregating commercial property listings from thousands of different sources into one, easy to use platform readily accessible to professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, start-ups, investors or anyone else looking for curre...

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StartupWings   Munich, Germany

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StartupWings connects entrepreneurs and startups worldwide in a social network. It provides every resource your startup needs with over 1000 resources, like articles, tutorials, tools, infographics, interviews and many more as well.

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1000 Angels   New York, Us

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1000 Angels is reinventing the traditional venture model by providing members with the ability to create their own venture portfolios from a constantly updated selection of high quality, exclusive investment opportunities in some of the most exciting high-growth, early-st...

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OFF3R   London, UK

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OFF3R IS THE WORLD’S FIRST MOBILE CROWDFUNDING AGGREGATOR The best way to discover and track opportunities across multiple crowdfunding platforms. An innovative & frictionless first access point to the alternative investment market. Collates investment opportunit...

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Investagrams   Manila, Philippines

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Investagrams is a one stop shop to financial freedom. It provides a handy guidance for people who wants to start their journey in the world of stock market. Also it is a perfect place to collaborate and share your ideas, insights, and information instantly with other inve...

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Trademetria   Chicago, United States

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Have you ever lost money in the stock market? 98% of us have. Trademetria can help you understand what you did wrong so you can trade based on what works. Forget your trading journal spreadsheet and get serious about your trading business.

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Docoh   Toronto, Canada

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## Three steps to better investment decisions 1. Idea research. The most powerful SEC filing search. Research themes and technologies by company and trend. 2. Due diligence. See what others don’t with filing diffs, sentiment analysis, added/removed words and more. 3....

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